HungryHungry launches self serve kiosks and data driven services suite

Shannon Hautot and Mark Calabro, Founders of HungryHungry
Shannon Hautot and Mark Calabro, Founders of HungryHungry

Award-winning Australian hospitality tech platform HungryHungry launched Ready to Serve, a suite of software tech solutions all can all be run off one tablet, designed to give restaurants, pubs, clubs and cafes the flexibility to provide their clients with targeted ordering options while tapping into insights that enhance the way they engage with and market to loyal clients.

What are the latest products from HungryHungry?

The startup was founded in 2019 by hospitality industry pioneers and OrderMate founders (they sold to MSL Solutions for $7.5m in 2021), Mark Calabro and Shannon Hautot, who have 40+ combined years of delivering innovative, tech solutions to the hospitality industry.

During Covid-19 HungryHungry pivoted from mobile order & pay to online ordering and as a result built a loyal database of over 2,000 restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars across Australia, and thus helping many overcome lockdowns to stay open. In January 2023 the business reached profitability and has grown its headcount by 500% to 60 in the last two years.

As the industry embraces and benefit from tech driven solutions, HungryHungry has furthered its mission to deliver new, innovative tech solutions to help venues deliver amazing customer experiences while driving revenue. As a result the business now offers a suite of products across digital menus, online ordering, payments and direct to consumer marketing solutions.

HungryHungry Concierge

HungryHungry Concierge, is an exciting feature within Ready to Serve that allows restaurant owners and staff to access ‘real-time’ data insights so that they can instantly recognise regular customers and reward them for their loyalty through on the spot VIP services.

Initial trials with select venues show that this approach allows venues to engage with clients in a more meaningful way with the dual win of greater customer satisfaction and a revenue uplift by as much as $3 per order when using HungryHungry’s assisted marketing algorithms.

Bespoke ordering kiosks

HungryHungry also launched paperless, bespoke ordering kiosks, to cater to Australia’s growing casual dining sector and an offer that none of their competitors can match.

The shift into stand alone hardware meets a growing demand for service versatility from a wider range of venue types beyond fast food locations. Being trialled by Royal Stacks in Melbourne, the kiosks will further be rolled out to restaurants across Australia this year.

What do the new products mean for customers?

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of HungryHungry, Mark Calabro said, “From learning if a customer is a Tuesday regular, loves a dirty gin martini, or orders a steak and chips each time they visit, our new data driven service Ready to Serve now makes it possible to personalise every customer’s visit, helping to repeat business and keep loyal customers engaged.”

“As well as providing venues with the opportunity to gather insights on their clients, we then also deliver the bespoke, targeted promotions and ads via email or SMS direct marketing straight to loyal customers at no additional cost to our clients. Initial trials have shown that venues can get a return average uplift of $3 per order, not to mention the ROI ratio is high.”

“This targeted approach directed at existing customers also provides a great benefit to venues allowing them to see where they can save costs or generate additional revenue, providing maximum efficiency and a hassle free service,” Mark Calabro further said.

General Manager at Royal Hotel Mornington, Alex Bird, who has been trialling Ready to Serve said, “I’ve only had the feature for two weeks, but in my opinion they’re worth their weight in gold and have already paid for themselves. Being able to have eyes and ears on every transaction without fail has saved my venue hundreds of dollars each weekend.”

What do the products mean for HungryHungry?

Co-CEO and Co-Founder Shannon Hautot said, “In our first business OrderMate, and now with HungryHungry, our focus has always been to build tech that seamlessly integrates with a venue’s existing tech so the venue manager or staff can focus more on the actual customer and less on the logistics. Loyalty is a huge factor in the hospitality industry and we’ve seen it become increasingly more so since we first started out in this industry 20 years ago.”

“Ready to Serve and within that HungryHungry Concierge is kicking off a new suite of innovative tech services we will be launching this year and something we’re really excited about because we’re giving venues the power to step up their customised marketing and promotional efforts with little effort and the potential for huge returns,” Shannon Hautot said.