HubSpot in cohort with Asia Pacific’s top brands to grant upskilling services

Kat Warboys, Asia Pacific Marketing Director at HubSpot
Kat Warboys, Asia Pacific Marketing Director at HubSpot

HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, announced the launch of ‘The Great Upskill’, which will see brands across APAC including Google ANZ, MessageMedia, Meltwater, Seismic, and Aircall, give their employees a full workday during the week of May 9–13 to dedicate to upskilling and job-related learning.

Why is upskilling a necessity in today’s workplace?

The movement comes on the back of research from HubSpot, which found 71% of Aussie workers wish their employer placed higher value on job-related learning and upskilling, with four out of five saying it’s bumped to the bottom of the to-do list when work gets busy.

“Considering the changes we’re seeing in the talent market at the moment, it’s important businesses tune into their teams, and provide them with the environment and resources they need to thrive,” said Kat Warboys, Asia Pacific Marketing Director at HubSpot.

“Providing our teams with the time and space to dedicate to learning is vital — not just to the individual who values upskilling to grow and feel engaged at work but to future-proof businesses too. In fact, our research showed more than 70% of employees today are looking for workplaces that prioritise learning and development over a competitive salary.”

“We know talent want to be constantly upskilling but struggle to find the time to dedicate to it outside of work hours. We are serious about helping our team upskill and it’s why, together with our partners, we are starting The Great Upskill movement. We hope businesses grasp the value of upskilling, and dedicate the time and resources for their team to do so.”

What is the Great Upskill?

Joining the cohort of firms pledging to participate in The Great Upskill is Google ANZ. Google has a long history of supporting employees with work-related learning, with the company’s involvement opening up a dedicated day for upskilling to thousands of its employees.

“Our team is proud to participate in HubSpot’s The Great Upskill initiative. Learning new skills is critical to growing our own careers, and helping Australian firms to succeed. It can be hard to know where to start, but simply setting aside a day to focus on this is a positive step on this path.” said John Ball, Country Manager, Google Customer Solutions at Google Australia.

The Great Upskill forms part of HubSpot’s annual World Certification Week, taking place from 9–13 May 2022. First introduced in 2020, the program implores leaders, employees, and students to dedicate their time to professional development by completing a free certification via HubSpot Academy. The initiative will see HubSpot pledge a $5 donation to the Clontarf Foundation for each certification completed, with donations exceeding $15,000 in 2021.

World Certification Week is open to all, interested participants can head to HubSpot Academy and start any of our (completely free) certifications. To learn more about World Certification Week, head to For more information about how you can participate in The Great Upskill, head to