A necessity for remote learning is emerging amidst the current global pandemic. “How Too” is here to help.

100% female-founded startup, How Too, has utilised the increased need to “teach from a distance” by providing a fully-accessible platform where organisations can unlock their know-how and transform it into highly effective online learning for their teams.

Learning is currently a strategic priority for many organisations as they need to re-skill, pivot and adapt to remote and flexible work,” says How Too co-founder, Lisa Vincent.

“It can be a very tough time for startups at the moment but because we provide a platform for digital learning that’s in high demand we’ve experienced rapid growth since our product launch in February.”

What exactly does the software offer?

The How Too software was created to make the process of creating really good digital learning within the grasp of everyone, whether or not they have a background in education or instructional design skills and experience.

The tool was created and developed with the support of Savv-e, Australia’s leading digital learning agency. With over 20 years in the eLearning industry, the knowledge and experience of Savv-e has been foundational to the creation of How Too.

The How Too software allows the creator of the online learning, the ability to drop their content into pre-designed learning frameworks that work.

They are provided full access to the How Too media library, however are also able to upload their own media for the digital learning module they are creating.

The tool allows the inclusion of videos, audio, images and interactive menus to best engage the learner and allow them to retain as much information as possible.

How Too are also the proud recipients of the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant offered by the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science in April this year.

The funds from the grant will help expand the How Too team, provide business opportunities by engaging experts, and increase the development of the software through new opportunities and commercialisation.