Curbing work stress: Always plan your leave days around national holidays

Stress is prevalent in the workplace, with 70% of Aussie workers feeling stressed at least once a week. Unchecked long-term stress can lead to burnout, so take regular breaks throughout the year to protect your psychological well-being. Our 2023 strategic calendar shows the best times to book leave over the coming year to maximise your time off.

How to plan your 2023 leave days: National Holidays

January-Book four days off to get eight or nine days of holiday

With New Year’s Day on a Sunday and a substitute day on Monday, you can take the first year of the week off, getting nine days of holiday for just four days of your available leave. Later in the month, you can book four days to get nine, using the Australia Day holiday.

April-Book eight days off to get 16 days of holiday

The long Easter weekend means Australia gets two four-day work weeks in a row. Take one or both of these weeks off and enjoy some well-earned downtime. You could also use Anzac Day on Tuesday, 25 April, to enjoy a four-day weekend or a full nine days of holiday.

May/June-Book four days off to get nine days of holiday

Monday, 29th May, is Reconciliation Day, so you can take Tuesday to Friday off and enjoy the full week out of the office, with a weekend on each side.

December-Book three days off to get nine days of holiday

Christmas Day and Boxing Day are both public holidays, so if you book off the rest of that week, you’ll enjoy nine days off in exchange for only three days of leave.

Regional Holidays

In addition to countrywide public holidays, there are also numerous celebrations in the different regions of Australia throughout the year. This gives you extra opportunities to maximise your holiday time in 2023, depending on the area you’re based in. Start planning your leave dates in advance to make 2023 a year of low stress and better work-life balance.

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