Honeywell casts Fire-Lite solution to help reduce Australia’s risk of fires

Honeywell launched Fire-Lite, a suite of modern conventional & addressable fire protection systems well suited for small to medium-sized buildings. The easily installed solution offers cost-effective, advanced fire detection & protection in new & already existing buildings.

What is the product offering of Fire-Lite?

The launch comes as Australia’s construction industry is expected to re-emerge strongly and expand by more than 2% annually between 2023-26. This growth, coinciding with the completion of some of Australia’s most extensive construction projects, will spur demand for modern fire systems as businesses look to use tech to simplify fire & life safety management.

“Small- to medium-sized buildings are increasingly adopting tech and features previously used in high-end applications but tailored for their unique needs, Fire-Lite is a globally recognized brand, well suited for this segment” said Steve Higgins, Pacific General Manager at honeywell.

What are the key benefits of using Fire-Lite?

  • Customisable and Intelligent Addressable Fire Panels: Meets any building requirements and needs of both installers and end users with proven, reliable and efficient fire alarm control panels; allows installers to provide flexible solutions to support a variety of installations.
  • Comprehensive Range of Devices:Features photoelectric smoke, fixed heat, rate of rise heat, high sensitivity & advanced multi-criteria detectors, manual call points, intelligent modules.
  • AV Notification: Provides audio-visual (AV) fire notification featuring audio and visual alarm devices, speakers and Grade-3 Emergency warning system and other audio-visual systems.
  • Specialty Detection & Ancillaries: Flame detectors, optical beams & standalone power tools.
  • Connectivity: Integrates with the Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) platform to enable system integrators & facility managers to deliver an enhanced fire safety service.
  • Affordable, Globally Recognised Brand: Is easily and safely installed by electrical contractors.
  • Certified Products: Meets relevant fire product standards required by Australia to date.

Fire-Lite is designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized buildings, mid-rise residential, warehouses and retail spaces and other buildings in between across Australia.