HomeMade taps SAP to improve efficiency in the aged care sector

SAP SE announced how HomeMade, a startup that enables self-management of government Home Care Packages, has leveraged SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) to automate processes and bring more transparency and flexibility to Australia’s aged care sector. Home Care Packages are available for older Australians with complex care needs but still want to live independently in their own homes, providing access to personal and clinical care services.

What does the partnership mean for the sector?

Typically, aged care provider models have offered limited flexibility, choice, or control to home care participants. Existing models are also often associated with manual processes and high administration costs, reducing the resources and funding spent on support and services.

HomeMade onboarded SAP BTP, a process that took 12 months, working with SAP AppHaus Network partner Bourne Digital to design, develop and deploy an intuitive, automated, self-service portal. Now 6 months on, the portal has boosted the efficiency of processes and workflow management and provided greater transparency in terms of service provision.

HomeMade is now able to offer more flexibility to participants looking to choose and access a variety of services and support, giving them more control over plans, budgets, and spending.

This is showed by a 9-day reduction in the time it takes to onboard new participants and by a 50% reduction in reimbursement processing time. HomeMade’s new, innovative automated portal helps cut administrative overheads associated with Home Care Package management, with participants saving over $5,000 annually on average in management fees.

“Bourne Digital partnered with HomeMade to apply design thinking to build a scalable, secure and highly intuitive portal solution. SAP BTP was a fantastic platform that was setup to accommodate one portal for multiple personas like: aged care recipients, HomeMade customer service and the service providers. It has been an amazing opportunity to partner with an innovative firm like HomeMade,” said Selim Ahmed, CEO & Founder, Bourne Digital.

What does this mean for HomeMade and SAP?

Laura Westhorpe, General Manager at HomeMade
Laura Westhorpe, General Manager at HomeMade

“HomeMade’s vision is to transform home care in Australia, and we are continuously building our capabilities – whether that’s teams, processes, or tech. Leveraging SAP BTP has allowed us to create a solution that better supports older Aussies in need of care and given us an exciting platform that will help us grow”, said Laura Westhorpe, General Manager, HomeMade.

“By implementing SAP BTP HomeMade is able to offer faster and more transparent care options to older Australians and their families, while also reducing the money spent on admin fees so that more resources can be put towards improving their quality of life. The work done together with HomeMade and Bourne Digital demonstrates how next-generation technology can have a powerful positive impact when it comes to improving people’s lives.”

“I’m also proud of how our technology is supporting HomeMade to continue to grow and move close to achieving its vision of transforming home care in Australia,” commented Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director, SAP Australia and New Zealand.