Meet the man on a mission to end the homelessness epidemic in Australia

Chris Christofi, Chief Executive Officer at Reventon

Leading Australian businessman, entrepreneur, author and renowned philanthropist Chris Christofi has embarked on an ambitious campaign to break the all time donation record for this year’s Vinnies CEO Sleepout, setting the lofty goal of raising $250,000 for charity.

Mr Christofi, founder and CEO of property investment and finance group Reventon, will partake in his 5th Sleepout. The event will be held at the Port Melbourne Timber Yard on 23 June. Chris aims to donate $250k to help improve the homelessness epidemic in Australia.

What are Chris’ thoughts on the campaign?

Determined to contribute to the mammoth task ahead of him, Chris will be matching all donations – for every dollar raised, he will donate an additional $3 himself. “I’m looking forward to joining the Vinnies CEO Sleepout for another year. Homelessness can happen to anyone; it can be nothing more than an unfortunate set of circumstances,” Chris said.

“I experienced financial hardship in the early days of my career and I’m acutely aware that it could easily have been me if I didn’t have the support of my family. It’s so important we always show kindness and compassion to our fellow human beings in need.”

How will the money raised reach the needy?

In 2021, Chris placed 2nd out of 206 CEOs in Victoria & 4th out of 1,613 CEOs Nationwide, placing him in the Top 0.25% of all fundraisers. His efforts have seen him named an ambassador for the CEO Sleepout and appointed as the 2021 Face of the Vinnies Campaign.

Chris has raised almost $300K for this event since 2018 and this year he plans to build a house with the money raised and auction it off, giving all proceeds to St Vincent de Paul.

General Manager of St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria, Andrew McKenzie said, “Through his involvement with Vinnies CEO Sleepout, Chris has showed real ‘leadership with compassion’.”

“He has gone over and above to get a real understanding of the issues facing people in his community. I remember Chris coming out with the Vinnies volunteer teams on our nightly Soup Van runs. He wanted to roll his sleeves up and be the one meeting, talking to and, most importantly, listening to those he was assisting with sharing food,” McKenzie further said.

“Chris is a real example for business leaders as to how to engage with the issues being confronted by people. The way he brings his expertise as a CEO to complex issues is both impressive and practical. Vinnies are very proud to have Chris involved in our CEO Sleepout. His fundraising will make a real and tangible impact for people doing it tough across Victoria.”

What are the current homeless statistics?

  • Every year 116,427 people experience homelessness in Australia on any given night.

  • More than 24,000 Victorians – including families with children, young people, older people, single adults, people with disabilities, people in regional and rural Victoria and people in urban neighbourhoods – are homeless on any given night.

  • 256,000 people sleep rough in Australia each night – Sleeping rough can refer to anyone being homeless, sleeping in parks, or squatting in derelict buildings for temporary shelter. People sleeping rough are some of the most vulnerable in society.

  • The fastest-growing cohort is single women over the age of 55.

  • 15,800 are children younger than 12 years old. Just under 500 children will experience the harshest form of homelessness, relying on parks, bus shelters or shop fronts for warmth.

  • Over the last four years (2018-2021), the rate of homelessness has increased by 13.7%

What is Chris’ fundraising record?




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3rd / 300+ CEOs

12th / 1,462 CEOs




2nd / 330 CEOs

9th / 1,628 CEOs




2nd / 254 CEOs

6th / 1,555 CEOs




2nd / 206 CEOs

4th / 1,613 CEOs



Total 2018 – 2021