Taking the pain out of paint sees Aussie décor brand Tint crowdfund

Rocky Liang and DJ Dikic, Tint co-founders

Tint, Australia’s fastest growing online paint company has recorded $5 million in annualised sales in 2021 with their continued success seeing them brush up the trade industry.

Tint has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Equitise.

Their fresh and modern take on paint has already garnered the backing of notable investors Ben Gray, co-founder of BGH Capital; Leigh Jasper and Rob Phillpot, co-founders of Aconex; and Adam Lewis, ex-McKinsey Managing Director and now the company’s Chairman.

Participating in this round is also Lina Calabria, co-founder of Bellroy.

Tint redefining ecommerce

Tint co-founders DJ Dikic and Rocky Liang originally splashed onto the global paint scene with technology company Palette and their range of devices for instantly capturing and naming paint colours, similar to the way Shazam captures the name of a song.

The pair have now expanded their business with Tint — offering a range of 72 popular paint hues based on the latest style trends from around the world, delivered straight to the door.

Tint’s curated colour range, which is also available as giant Sample Stickers so renovators can try colours at home, is staying true to their technology roots with the Tint App providing an augmented reality (AR) experience so buyers can measure how much paint they need.

Tint products environmentally friendly

The duo is also bringing a strong focus on sustainability to the market, formulating their paints to ensure they’re free from the air-polluting VOCs that are commonly found in high levels in other paint products and running all their operations on 100% renewable energy.

“The outdated $2.5bn Australian paint and home decoration industry was ripe for disruption, with not much effort historically put into creating better, less overwhelming shopping experience for renovators. Our online-only approach allows us to help everyday Aussies through every stage of their decoration journey,” said Mr Dikic.

“What we’ve created is a fresh take on shopping for paint with premium and healthy paint that is water based, odour free, devoid of animal cruelty and 100% Australian-owned.”

“We offer a complete range of painting tools which we deliver alongside our paints so clients never have to step foot inside a store to start creating a beautiful space at home.”

Tint’s market reach

Since launching 18 months ago Tint’s annualised sales have reached $5m with over 30,000 clients choosing to buy online, with 15% of sales coming from trade painters.

“Our crowdfunding campaign is a fantastic  opportunity to invite Tint’s highly engaged and rapidly growing community to partner with us as we renovate how Australians decorate.”

“Our plan is to grow our fulfilment network and offer same-day delivery to Sydney, expand our product range beyond just paint, continue our strong momentum among trade painters.”

While investing in high growth unlisted businesses was once only accessible to high-net-worth investors and venture capitalists, equity crowdfunding makes investing an option for any Australian who wants to buy shares in companies they feel passionate about. 

Tint is raising $500,000.00 (capped at $2m) through its crowdfunding offer by Equitise.

Equitise co-founder and managing director Jonny Wilkinson said the crowdfunding in Australia has doubled the last two years, with total raised increasing from $28.3m to $46m in 2021.

“Funding activity has started to dominate and we are seeing rapid growth in direct-to-consumer. E-commerce is on a growth trajectory, as the pandemic changed how we shop.”

“D2C contributes about 10% of retail in Australia, compared to the 20-30% of the overall retail level seen overseas – set to reach $4.5T by the end of this year globally,” he said.

For more information, visit the Equitise Tint offer page here.