HOFA Gallery launches a new NFT marketplace HOFA.io for cryptoart

Elio D’Anna. HOFA’s Co-founder with Simonida Pavicevic

HOFA Gallery launched their NFT marketplace, HOFA.io which is designed to be an auction house for highly collectible digital artworks by emerging and established artists. 

HOFA.io is the latest venture by the founders of HOFA whose mission is to make contemporary art more accessible to young aspiring millennial collectors.

HOFA Gallery’s experience in the crypto market

Their foray into the crypto space began in 2018 when they became the first fine arts gallery to make their entire art holdings available for purchase with cryptocurrency.

HOFA has also had a series of successful crypto art releases in 2021, each timed to coincide with physical exhibitions held at their Mayfair showroom in London.

In May, they delivered a pioneer NFT art exhibition where crypto art could be viewed alongside the physical artworks in the ground-breaking group exhibition titled ‘Matter & Form’.

HOFA Gallery’s future plans for the crypto market

HOFA plans to grow their NFT marketplace through a highly selective process that will ensure a maximum of 2 new releases per week, guaranteeing collectors access to the finest selection of collectible contemporary cryptoart available on the market.

‘Breathing Turkis Lagoon’ NFT by Jan Kalab

Leveraging block chain technology, which guarantees the authenticity and security of transactions while serving as the backbone of the artworks themselves, HOFA.io will guarantee virtually indisputable provenance and ownership of all artworks purchased.

HOFA’s Co-founder, Elio D’Anna says, “Initially, we will work exclusively with artists signed to HOFA while also curating works by talented contemporary artists.”

“These works will then be auctioned through a secure and fully traceable process that will ensure that creators continue to profit as their artworks are acquired and resold to collectors.” 

“HOFA.io will be the place to explore and invest in the best contemporary crypto art available.”

“It is HOFA’s boldest step yet as we work to make contemporary art more accessible and bridge the perceived gap between the worlds of digital art and traditional art.”