HKSTP hosts Hong Kong I&T Career Expo 2022 setting job opening record

Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer, HKSTP

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is hosting the Hong Kong I&T Career Expo 2022, started 10 March till 16 March 2022, posting a record number of over 2,900 I&T jobs to provide young talent with potential new career paths for a brighter future.

Despite challenging times facing businesses and communities across Hong Kong today, HKSTP and leaders across the I&T ecosystem continue to pour effort and resource into building the city’s strength in I&T and unleash long-term potential.

HKSTP seeks to satisfy record demand

The first ever T2 innovation Tech x Talent Month (T2), kicking off with the Career Expo, is another sign of I&T growth as HKSTP seeks to meet record demand by building a robust talent pipeline for the future. This year’s Career Expo features over 280 local and overseas companies across multiple sectors seeking bright young talent to join the I&T ecosystem.

Opportunities at this year’s Career Expo saw highest demand in the areas of AI & Data Analytics, BioTech, Electronic & Sensors and in Software & Communications.

The growing diversity in skills demanded aligns with HKSTP’s vision to build a wider pool of talent from all education levels and backgrounds, professionals from non-tech sectors seeking new career paths, as well as aspiring overseas entrepreneurs.

The Expo is combined with the expanded T2 talent initiatives that cover 3 key tracks;  “Deep Tech Training”, “Innovative Thinking Workshops and Idea Pitching” and “Upskilling Series”.

“While the COVID-19 situation has tested all communities across our city, HKSTP believes that I&T development must continue,” said Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer, HKSTP.

“We witnessed rapid growth in the total amount of funding attracted by our Park companies, indicating a growing appetite to invest in the local I&T startups. Hong Kong must ride on this momentum and pursue all future openings to take the I&T ecosystem to another level.”

“This year, we will launch the Shenzhen branch of Hong Kong Science Park to support talent and tech ventures to seize opportunities in GBA and those from GBA to go global.”

“We will also collaborate with our ecosystem partners to engage talents to develop their careers in I&T by providing internships, training and job opportunities through Career Expo and the various programmes. Despite the current challenges, I encourage young talent to stay confident, passionate and believe in the opportunities that lie ahead.”

HKSTP announces other talent development initiatives

HKSTP is also announcing a series of ongoing initiatives to advance I&T talent development:

  • HKSTP is working with Vocational Training Council (VTC) to provide sub-degree students with I&T on-the-job training and internships at HKSTP’s partner companies in Hong Kong and the GBA, such as through HKSTP’s “Deep Tech Training” during T2.
  • Partnering NVIDIA on Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Ambassador Program to train tertiary students in AI and deep learning. Students who have completed HKSTP’s “Deep Tech Training” satisfactorily during T2 will receive an industry-recognised NVIDIA DLI certificate.
  • Collaborating with Tencent Finance Academy to nurture I&T entrepreneurship among tertiary students and expand their exposure through internships in Hong Kong and GBA.
  • HKSTP will work with CUHK and PolyU, while in discussion with other universities, to nurture and mould young talent into Hong Kong’s next generation of leading tech entrepreneurs and innovators. Students will be enrolled into HKSTP talent programmes or partner companies in credit-bearing work placements and projects.
  • HKSTP will also launch its Hong Kong InnoAcademy Society with over 100 Hong Kong I&T Ambassadors and 9 Founding Committee members. The Hong Kong I&T Ambassadors from different backgrounds will engage and inspire future talent to join the I&T ecosystem.

The Founding Committee members (alumni from HKSTP talent programme), “Technology Leaders of Tomorrow”, will organise career and networking activities for members to nurture and grow the I&T talent community across the HKSTP ecosystem in Hong Kong and the GBA.

HKSTP aims to create a one-stop platform to nurture, engage and inspire Hong Kong, mainland and overseas talent to work at I&T companies and become I&T entrepreneurs.

The Career Expo together with our T2 Talent Month activities provide opportunity for I&T companies and talent. Participating companies can converse with potential talent at their virtual exhibition booths on the interactive platform by holding on-demand live presentations.