Hithium launches its 5 MWh container product at the 2023 RE+ in Las Vegas

Stationary battery manufacturer Hithium exhibited this week at the major U.S. clean energy trade show RE+, produced by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), for the second time. With an office in Fremont, California, and a team across the Americas, Hithium aims to supply the fast-growing stationary energy storage market as it respond to energy transition incentives in North and South America.

What is the market offering of Hithium’s product?

The firm’s founder and senior management joined its team in Las Vegas to announce a new 5 MegaWatt hours container product using the standard 20-foot container structure. It was the first time Hithium has made a major product announcement outside of its headquarters in Xiamen, China. The more compact second generation (ESS 2.0), higher-capacity energy storage delivers 46% higher energy density than standard systems based on 280 Ah cells.

The product will come pre-installed and ready to connect, outfitted with 48 battery modules based on the manufacturer’s 314 Ah LFP cells, each module providing 104.5 kWh capacity and designed to meet the needs of large utility scale systems. It will also be technically compatible with most top inverter brands’ power control systems, or bidirectional inverters.

The energy storage system also comes with Hithium’s mature multi-level, liquid-cooling tech, which keeps cell temperature variation below 3° Celsius. Intelligent thermal management enables the system to optimize battery power and reduce internal energy consumption.

What does this mean for Hithium?

With 11 GWh of battery products already shipped since the company was founded in 2019, Hithium also plans to expand its production capacity to 70 GWh by the end of this year.

The company has developed some of the most advanced production lines in the world, featuring a high degree of automation and intelligence based on the precise and extensive collection and evaluation of big data, in real time. This enables Hithium to guarantee product stability and consistency in multiple dimensions. The manufacturer’s expansion plans continue into the next several years, with the goal of 135 GWh production capacity by 2025.