Frost & Sullivan recognizes Hillstone Networks as a global XDR trailblazer

Tim Liu, Chief Techology Officer and Co-founder at Hillstone Networks
Tim Liu, Chief Techology Officer and Co-founder at Hillstone Networks

Hillstone Networks, a provider of cybersecurity solutions, has been named an innovation and growth leader in the 2023 Frost Radar™ Extended Detection and Response Report. The Frost Radar™ 2023 Report is a market analysis conducted by Frost & Sullivan, evaluating industry participants based on their growth strategy, innovation, CX, and market share. It aims to assist firms in making informed decisions when selecting a reliable XDR solution provider.

Why was Hillstone recognized by Frost & Sullivan?

According to Frost & Sullivan, Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions have seen rapid expansion across geographies, industries, and companies of all sizes as it delivers the visibility, integration, analytics, flexibility, and automation that customers need in today’s complex IT environments. Frost states that XDR has three core promises: cross-layered detection and response, meaningful automation, and integration with the security stack.

“Hillstone Networks is committed to Open XDR, as it is investing its significant R&D budget in increasing third-party integrations and providing software development kits to facilitate integration with its platform,” said Lucas Ferreyra, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

“Hillstone Networks has developed a compelling growth strategy, that involves leveraging the increasing relevance of managed security to allow MSSPs to use its XDR solution, broadening its reach while targeting high-growth sectors such as government, healthcare, education, and manufacturing. Such understanding of the market will allow Hillstone Networks to unlock further growth opportunities in the extremely competitive market of XDR,” Ferreyra added.

Hillstone’s commitment to innovation and client deployments contribute to its emergence as a frontrunner in the XDR domain, as well as delivering on the core promises of XDR:

  • Hillstone’s AI-powered threat detection and response capabilities can find and mitigate attacks before they have a chance to exploit the most vital asset in the enterprise – data. The Hillstone XDR solution uses advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms through unknown malware and abnormal detection, advanced threat correlation analytics, and automatic threat mitigation.
  • Hillstone XDR also includes automated orchestration and response. If a remediation strategy has been configured, once a threat is identified, Hillstone XDR will automatically execute the appropriate mitigation actions according to a predefined playbook.
  • It includes integration with a wide variety of data across the full spectrum of the network, from endpoints to cloud. This data can include NetFlow, Sysmon, Syslogs, metadata, threat information and third-party logs, all of which are then standardized, correlated, and analyzed to provide complete visibility and break down security information silos. It not only brings full security visibility with far fewer blind spots, but also improves detection accuracy by minimizing false positives.

What does the recognition mean for Hillstone?

Commenting on the recognition, Tim Liu, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at Hillstone Networks, said, “Our inclusion as a leader in the Frost Radar™ 2023 Report reaffirms our dedication to deliver cutting-edge solutions that effectively counter evolving digital threats.”

“Our solution integrates threat detection, incident response, and forensic capabilities into a unified platform, empowering businesses to proactively safeguard their digital assets.”

Learn more about Hillstone XDR here.