Sarah Reynolds (they/them) joins HiBob as Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Reynolds, Chief Marketing Officer at HiBob

HiBob, the company behind Bob, the Human Resources platform transforming how firms operate in the modern world of work, has announced the appointment of accomplished SaaS marketing expert Sarah Reynolds (they/them) to the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

What does Sarah bring to HiBob in the role?

A veteran of the HR software market, Sarah will bring their deep industry knowledge, passion for storytelling, and keen eye for performance insights to bear in scaling HiBob’s global reach, building on the company’s reputation for next-generation Human Resources technology.

They will also maintain a steely focus on continuous innovation, and customer outcomes to drive go-to-market excellence and grow its footprint. A proud advocate for inclusive, people-centric growth strategies, Sarah has a long track record of delivering transformative results.

Sarah was CMO at Udacity, where they led global brand, marketing, and communications across the firm’s consumer, enterprise, and government go-to-market motions. They were Head of Commercial Marketing at PTC, where they focused on pipeline generation, value-driven messaging, marketing operations excellence, team culture, and talent development, and vice president of marketing at, where they oversaw global marketing. 

What does the appointment mean for HiBob?

Ronni Zehavi, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of HiBob
Ronni Zehavi, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of HiBob

“A great CMO is an alchemist: blending brand and marketing with strategy and growth. I believe we found this quality in Sarah and I’m so happy to welcome them to the HiBob village. I’m excited about the future and look forward to seeing the effects that their vision and in-depth understanding of the B2B and HR marketing landscapes will bring to HiBob’s growth,” commented Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of HiBob, Ronni Zehavi.

“I am thrilled to join HiBob, a company I have long admired for their innovative product, groundswell of customer support, and deep commitment to company culture,” said Sarah. 

“HiBob is on a mission to transform how organisations operate in the modern world of work, and I see a tremendous opportunity for us to help bring new stories and fresh perspectives to life in the HR market. From experience, I’ve seen how empowering HR leaders to drive organisational change can unlock truly transformational outcomes for organisations.”

“They are charged with managing through uncertainty, engaging remote and hybrid teams, and pushing DEI&B strategies forward even in the face of challenging circumstances. Yet so often, they work behind the scenes, rather than from a well-deserved place in the spotlight.”

“I am excited for the opportunity to drive growth and scale at HiBob, and look forward to partnering with our customers to shine a light on new insights, best practices, and ways of making an impact on organisations as we navigate the future of work together,” Sarah said.