Heygo is the new immersive way to go touring around Australia

Alexander Moller, Local tour guide at Heygo

Holidaying interstate, and indeed within your own state, is no longer what it was, due to Covid-19. With lockdown restrictions and limits on where we can go, exploring the world feels farther away than ever, and international travelers aren’t able to visit Australia.

Fortunately, innovative tech along with help from local guides can transform that. Heygo is a tip-based live-streaming platform with interactive tours in 450 destinations globally.

With plenty to explore in Australia, Heygo (and its expert local guides) are taking away the fear and practical difficulty from the gift of exploring our great nation, and allowing anyone with an internet connection to travel the world from home.

Virtual tourism boost in the wake of a pandemic

Local tour guide at Heygo, Alexander Moller, is placing the marvel of our great nation back within our grasp, interactively, and without having to wait for regulations to allow local travel.

Since joining the platform, Moller has run over 200 live tours for highly-engaged audiences. Moller is about to kick-off an all (Covid regulation)-encompassing van life tour of Australia, that even includes Jurassic World LEGO exhibition and ‘how to meditate with your cup of tea’.

One of Heygo’s popular tour guides, Moller and his fans have really taken to one another.

“I had two classrooms of around 60 kids spotting kangaroos with me in the NSW bush, what a special, and unexpected, occasion that tour was!”

Moller, who will be guiding travelers around the World’s only koala hospital in Port Macquarie, NSW, to kayaking with wild dolphins to the infamous Nimbin, and the stunning Great Ocean Road, is a working actor from Melbourne who saw a great opportunity on the platform.

A tour one click away

According to Moller, Heygo has provided him with the opportunity to share Australia with people, and allow them to find a passion so that they, too, want to explore further.

“As a passionate traveler for many years, I too have found much pleasure and personal growth from visiting exquisite parts of this country. I believe I have found a way to allow others to do the same, without the financial, legal or health risks and restrictions.”

“Australian residents aren’t yet as aware of the opportunity to join the same interactive tours with Heygo, but this upcoming tour is the perfect time for Aussies to get involved.”

All Heygo’s tours globally are free to join, and participants simply gift a tip to the guide at the end, based on their own personal enjoyment of the tour. All tours are completely interactive too, so participants won’t have to leave with any burning questions.

More of Alexander’s tours: https://www.heygo.com/alexander