Hero Packaging’s crowdfunding to open up to everyday investors

Anaita Sarkar, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HeroPackaging

Hero Packaging will be inviting everyday investors to buy into its company via a crowdfunding campaign on Equitise to raise funds to fuel its expansion into the United States and Canada.

The innovative zero-waste superstars already have a fully functional business in North America but are looking to scale up operations by expanding the local team who will oversee the next phase of growth and increase the digital footprint into other markets.

Hero Packaging opt for reputable crowdfunding platform

Founders Anaita Sarkar and Vikram Davé chose to partner with Equitise because of its proven track record of attracting the best and brightest minds in the investment community with names like Investec, AWI Ventures, H2 Ventures and Bridgelane Capital on board.

“This is an exciting time for us to be moving ahead. Our current success in the market shows that there’s a real demand for truly eco-friendly businesses like ours,” says Ms Sarkar.

“Hero Packaging is currently growing at a rate of knots and the opportunities are there for savvy investors who want to throw their support behind a high performance company that is out there doing some good things for the environment with its sustainable products.”

According to the Equitise Industry Report 2021 the total amount raised in Australia across all crowdfunding platforms for the financial year ending in 2021 increased 125 per cent from the previous financial year to $46 million. Crowdfunding allows passionate customers and backers to support the businesses they believe in, in return for a share of the company.

Hero Packaging rallies sustainability advocates to invest

Anaita believes community fundraising is ideal because of its ability to quickly meet targets compared to the longer process of securing the backing of traditional angel investors or VC firms. The company aims to raise between $500k and $1.5m with a four-phase campaign.

“We know there are a fast growing number of customers around the world who are putting the environment first when making purchasing decisions,” says Mr Davé Vikram.

“Hero Packaging steadfastly refuses to sell plastic in any way, shape and are committed to finding real solutions to the environmental crisis caused by plastic pollution. We know this resonates deeply with our clients which is why we’ve chosen the crowdfunding route.”

“Moving fast is key at this stage for investors looking for a solid Return-On-Investment and for our team. By cutting down the timeline of securing equity funding we are able to get down to doing what we do best, which is getting rid of plastic waste one mailer at a time.”

Hero Packaging’s mission is simple, to drastically slash plastic pollution worldwide by replacing plastic mailers with its certified compostable packaging which have been designed to completely break down in the environment. In the three short years since its inception, the business’ turnover was in excess of $7m and serviced more than 40,000 clients worldwide.

“The level of customer engagement we have and our base of 40,000 businesses is testament to the groundswell of support we have for our mission,” says Ms Sarkar.

“We don’t need to convince individual investors to act on the opportunities we know exist in North America as a market. Our community of Heroes already knows who we are and it’s them we want to encourage to invest and be a part of our wonderful journey.”

Hero Packaging’s crowdfunding schedule

Hero Packaging’s crowdfunding campaign will be promoted via a webinar, social media and integrated into its merchandising, website, and emails. The campaign will run in five phases:

  • Launch EOI campaign: started Tuesday, Mar 15

  • Private Launch to Pre-funding network: Tuesday 29th March

  • Launch to EOIs: 5th April

  • Public Launch: 12th April

Find out more via: https://heropackaging.com.au or Hero Packaging | Equitise