Nexia welcomes a new era of leadership in Paul Clements and Vito Interlandi

Paul Clements (left) and Vito Interlandi (right), Managing Partners of Nexia Australia

Nexia Melbourne (Nexia) has successfully continued to build its business and pivot on a range of levels over the past few years against a backdrop of challenging times.

This has created a dynamic environment where the firm now has an even clearer focus and an ambitious growth agenda to enhance the business and create even better opportunities.

These opportunities facilitate the company’s clients to engage with the Nexia team by fully understanding clients’ needs in the provision of fully integrated specialist services lines.

Paul Dal Bosco steps down from Managing Partner, Nexia

Nexia Melbourne’s Paul Dal Bosco was at the helm as Managing Partner for the past 14 years.

Mr. Dal Bosco has worked with the executive to build a robust business with significant scale, whilst facing the challenges of COVID, positioning Nexia for growth in the years ahead.

The partner group have made the decision that 2022 is the perfect time to refocus and realign Nexia to optimise the growth of the business for the future.

Nexia has evolved into a highly successful and respected firm, that specialises in the provision of services in accounting, business advisory and tax compliance, tax consulting, audit, Asian advisory, corporate advisory, SMSF administration, and financial planning.

Nexia ushers in new leadership

With this evolution, Nexia has created a greater ability and opportunity to provide clients with these specialised & integrated services, heralding ‘a new era of management’.

This brings with it, a strategic focus and allocated functional responsibilities to drive an even bigger growth agenda with the appointment of joint Managing Partners, Paul Clements and Vito Interlandi, who both represent ‘key’ integrated and growth divisions of the firm.

Paul and Vito have worked together on the Nexia Management Team for many years and have developed a mutual respect and camaraderie for getting things done, no matter the task.

They have complementary skills, and will thrive together with a collective shared vision.

Paul will build wealth management and financial planning practice from the significant position it now holds in the marketplace for servicing clients’ financial goals and objectives.

This area, in a continuing COVID-19 environment, has required a more highly tuned and focused amount of attention as the needs of clients are prioritised, addressing a range of issues and challenges that they continue to deal with as the global pandemic plays out.

Vito and Paul will drive the expansion of accounting firm services, with a range of integrated services like accounting, audit, tax, management consulting, business and corporate advisory and a re-focus of a “client-centric” approach to all areas of the firm’s services.

These specialised services have seen growth over recent years and in the current climate is positioned for this to continue against a backdrop of low interest rates, an economy recovering from the pandemic, a high level of business activity and a share market at peak levels.

Nexia new appointees plot global domination

Paul Dal Bosco will continue as a Partner with his specialisation being Tax Consulting and will also further have responsibility as the Finance Partner of the firm’s business.

The Joint Managing Partners, Paul Clements and Vito Interlandi expounded on this aspect.

“Nexia Melbourne’s aim is to become a ‘Top 10 Firm in Victoria’ as part of the Nexia National and Global initiative (Nexia Australia was ranked 13th in the AFR 2001 Top 100 Australian Accounting Firms, and Nexia International is currently ranked 8th worldwide).”

“This can be achieved with a focussed Team on areas of expertise yet working towards achieving this objective and maximising our respective inputs to achieve this outcome.”

“The firm understands the importance of ensuring that our clients must always come first.”

“We are constantly reviewing how we can do things better and optimise the position of our services & advice, so our clients are well placed to grow their respective businesses and wealth in line with their stated objectives as well as their individual personal goals.”

“We are both excited to start 2022 by accepting and embracing this new responsibility and working closely with all Nexia Melbourne Partners and our very talented team members in conjunction with our clients to realise our vision – Great Team, Great Service, Great Clients.”