HEMEX consulting closes another successful Series C financing round

Pascal Winnen, the Co-Founder, Board member and CEO of HEMEX

HEMEX, a bench-to-market clinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) and early-stage healthcare investment firm announced the completion of its Series C financing round.

Existing “Investor Club” members followed up in this round and are joined by new investors.

Since 2015, HEMEX has been offering life science consulting services in Liestal, Switzerland. In 2017, the company opened a subsidiary in Germany, and in 2018, the USA followed.

They signed an agreement with China’s Henan province and plan to continue global expansion.

HEMEX offers healthcare startups the services to bring products to the market in the EU and USA during clinical development with clinical trials, regulatory affairs, quality assurance.

HEMEX, a beacon of hope for the health sector

HEMEX has strong expertise in clinical development of innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and digital health applications for human and animal health.

Pascal Winnen, the Co-Founder, Board member and CEO of HEMEX offered his insights.

“We are pleased to close our Series C round in a short time. The support of our existing investors and several strong investors joining shows the potential of our business model.”

“With our team of highly qualified healthcare professionals and a strong network of specialized consultants, we will continue to offer our shareholders the opportunity to identify and invest in early-stage healthcare startups, with active management of the portfolio.”

“HEMEX supports startups financially with investments in early-stage funding rounds.”

“The Swiss “smart money” healthcare investor takes the lead in due diligence, structuring the round with its co-investors and subsequent active management of investments.”

“Our investment strategy provides executive leadership support and supports our portfolio companies as a CRO to assist in the business development and the generation of robust clinical data in a heavily regulated environment, leading to market approval and exit.”