HC Pro photography lab and Zenfolio create an expanded partnership

HC Pro, a professional photography laboratory and Zenfolio, a creative and business solution for photographers have announced an expanded partnership to offer high quality HC Pro products on the brand new Zenfolio platform which has just been released in Australia.

HC Pro has been a trusted Zenfolio lab partner. This partnership has been extended to include the new future-forward Zenfolio platform, thus a game changer for photographers.

With an integrated suite of advanced tools and workflows enhanced by intelligent automation, it provides an easy-to-use, efficient solution to manage a photography business.

The new Zenfolio platform combines a comprehensive website builder, photo gallery and e-commerce, with sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

The integrated booking, scheduling, invoicing, payment and automatic fulfillment capabilities enables being behind the lens while the platform multitasks behind the scenes.

Comments on the HC Pro and Zenfolio partnership

Michael Gellert, HC Pro’s Business Development Manager, offered insights on this aspect.

“The photography business has evolved a great deal in recent years and Zenfolio has led the way with its advanced technology platform. Partnering with Zenfolio and their photographers is an exciting step and we look forward to an expanded relationship.”

John Loughlin, Zenfolio CEO says, “The partnership between HC Pro and Zenfolio expands and strengthens our ability to deliver the highest level of photo prints and products, helping photographers expand product offerings to their clients and build their business.”