Guild of Guardians mythic hero Lia NFT sells for record breaking $273k

Guild of Guardians, an NFT-based mobile role-playing game (RPG) published by Immutable and developed by Stepico Games announced that its Mythic Hero Lia, the priestess of illumination in the game has been sold for more than $273k, the largest amount paid for a Layer 2 NFT.

Guild of Guardians is a mobile action role-playing game tapping into the hugely popular play-to-earn model, where those who play actively can sell their rewards to other players, and have full ownership over their in-game items, summons and characters. 

Guild of Guardians Mythic Hero Lia breaks record

The game has attracted more than 150k pre-game registrations since the first wave of the Founder’s NFT Sale in June, demonstrating strong community interest in the games.

Mythic Hero Lia was originally purchased for $250 in the Wave 1 sale.

This is an indication that the original purchaser who sold the Mythic Lia, purchased the NFT for $250 and sold it for more than a thousand times of the Wave 1 price at $273,000.

The timing of the biggest Layer 2 NFT sale ever is particularly conducive since this sale comes days before the second wave of the Founder’s NFT Sale is due to go live.

During the second wave, epic heroes will be available for $55 each, where on every ‘summon’ there’s a chance that a epic will get upgraded to a legendary, currently selling 4x from mint.

There’s a chance that epics will upgrade to a Chroma skin, or a Mythic Hero edition like Lia.

Guild of Guardians to offer other Mythic Heroes

With the Guild of Guardian’s Discord server membership swelling to almost 60k members in the last few months, the date for the second wave of the Founder’s NFT Sale has not been publicly announced in an effort to avoid gas wars – instead, the team will be teasing out clues.

Members who joined the Guild of Guardian Discord channel before September 1st are eligible to apply for the Wave 2 early adopters pool which is oversubscribed with over $10 million.

The game will use Immutable X to run, which lets NFTs be earned and traded with no gas fees.

All NFTs that are issued on Immutable X are carbon neutral and allow users to mint and trade NFTs with zero gas fees, instant settlement, and little environmental impact.

Derek Lau, Game Lead for Guild of Guardians is excited with the Mythic Lia sale.

“The sale value of Mythic Lia is further evidence of the incredible excitement that our supporters have for the ability for Guild of Guardians to disrupt the entire gaming industry.”

“Mythic Lia exists currently as one of four 1 of 1 legendary founder mythic hero products, and is extremely significant as a piece of Guild of Guardians history.”

Guild of Guardians launched NFT minting and trading in August after completing the first wave of its Founder’s NFT Sale in May. The RPG had raised more than $4.6 million in total.