New ground-breaking self-help book to guide you on your leadership quest

Tom Lawrence, Author of Manager to Leader

Straight talking and using a wealth of knowledge gained over 20 years working his way to the top of the UK’s engineering sector, Tom Lawrence knows his onions when it comes to leadership. Embracing techniques that regularly veer from the conventional (but are proven to deliver results), this concise and plain talking self-help guide requires readers to leave their ego on the bedside cabinet if they are to benefit from the author’s revelatory advice.

Giving many of today’s managers their best chance to become business leaders of the future, Tom Lawrence’s refreshing and modest approach also ensures his book will be dipped into time and time again – not only by those attempting to scale the leadership ladder; but those at the top who appreciate that sometimes old dogs can learn new tricks.

What is the book’s Synopsis?

Are you a manager or a supervisor? Do you feel the need to GROW into a leader? Do you want to learn how to become a highly effective leader? Then you have found the right guide.

Most people don’t realise that leadership is a role of service to the people. It is the leader’s job to serve their people, not for the people to serve their leader. At the end of the day, leadership is about influencing people, not managing people or telling them what to do. In this book you will learn techniques that are not textbook or strictly conventional but through learning from personal experiences, personal mistakes and generally caring for people.

As leaders, it is up to us to lead by example and show our people that we care and lead them to the right path. When leading by example, we are also building relationships, building trust and increasing our influence. Without these three things, it is impossible to lead. This book will teach you how to achieve all three and how to inspire your people to do the same.

What can readers learn from the book?

“Manager To Leader” will help you to uncover the following insights:

  • The difference between management and leadership.
  • How to go beyond your position of manager and inspire your people.
  • How to lead by example and show your people that you care for them.
  • How to build strong relationships and build trust with your people
  • How to increase your influence with your people

Follow the advice in this book and you will become the best leader you can be. When you have finished reading this book you will be in a position to teach others how to become the best leaders they can be to impact their societies. What’s stopping you from becoming a highly effective leader and making a positive difference in the world and in people’s lives?

How did the book rate in the USA and the UK?

“I purchased this book as I have had a complete change of career recently and I was unsure if I would be successful and was lacking a bit of confidence.” Denise Ohanlon – Amazon UK

“I heard of Tom and this book has inspired me to improve myself and work on my existing skills and provided me with the confidence to work outside of my comfort zone to improve my career and in general life. I keep it with me in my handbag for a little boost when things are tough, and I would highly recommend reading it. Thank you Tom. I’ve followed Tom for quite a while, so I was thrilled both for him and for his audience when he put out this book!”

“Tom writes from experience, and that makes this book particularly accessible – especially to those new in technical management roles.” Lisa Tidswell – Amazon UK

“Management or leadership aren’t easy, but poorly executed management and leadership seems just as common today as it was when Laurence J Peter published the Peter Principle in 1969. But there really is no excuse for failing to improve, and this book is an excellent place for managers to start gathering ideas and challenging themselves to get better each day.”

Tom has spent years observing and working for both managers and leaders. Through his own journey he kept notes and observations along the way only to decide to put his findings into a book. Real life experience gave him a distinct observation and the knowledge of what truly is the difference between being a manager and a leader.”  – Deb – Amazon USA

“Anyone in a leadership position can benefit from reading this book while I think new managers or aspiring leaders would especially benefit. Throughout the book, Tom speaks directly to people interested in leading and inspiring others,” Deb concluded.

“From key strategies at the start of the journey to building trust with your team, Tom touches on attitudes and behaviours essential for a leader.” Mulvaney Rocket – Amazon

Published by Nielsen UK, Manager to Leader by Tom Lawrence is available in paperback ($17.99) and Kindle format ($11.31) on