AlertEnterprise to transform security with AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT

Jasvir Gill, founder and Chief Executive Officer at AlertEnterprise

AlertEnterprise, Inc., the cyber-physical security convergence software firm, revealed the launch of its first-ever Guardian AI Chatbot powered by OpenAI ChatGPT. The company will debut the AI Chatbot globally end of March at the ASIS Europe and ISC West trade events.

What does the solutions bring to company operations?

The Guardian AI Chatbot by AlertEnterprise is developed with the world-renowned GPT-3 platform created by OpenAI and is designed to instantly deliver security operators the physical access and security insights that matter most with quick questions and prompts.

Get powerful answers in an instant

The Chatbot can quickly answer several questions related to physical access, identity access management, visitor management, door reader analytics, and security and safety reporting.

Some examples are:

  • “Guardian, how many people are on the Trading floor?”
  • “Guardian, how many employees and visitors are in the Data Center?”
  • “Guardian, how many new employee badges did we issue last month?”
  • “Guardian, show me upcoming employee training expirations for restricted area access.”

Drive costs down and boost employee efficiency

Using the solutions, CSO and CISO’s can exponentially boost their team’s efficiency by automating tedious tasks and freeing up time to focus on more critical responsibilities. 

Yogesh Ailawadi, Senior Vice President Product and Solutions Engineering at AlertEnterprise

“Physical security and access control systems have always contained a tremendous wealth of data but, until now, accessing it was a tedious and manual process. Our Guardian AI Chatbot is poised to redefine the security operator’s experience, increasing their productivity by over 100 times with instant and actionable insights for not only risk mitigation but real business value,” said Yogesh Ailawadi, SVP Product and Solutions Engineering, AlertEnterprise.

Mr. Ailawadi also noted that the Guardian AI Chatbot is part of the launch of AlertEnterprise’s next-gen AI technology and is completely integrated throughout the Guardian platform. The Guardian AI Chatbot has been trained on ChatGPT’s recent content and prompts and can understand and interpret text and voice using a natural language processing (NLP) engine.

Guardian also leverages a company’s current security investments by connecting to most leading access control vendors and over 200 out-of-the-box connectors to HR, Information Technology and Operational Technology systems. And if the company has a complex mix of access control systems, Guardian connects to and consolidates them all under one platform.

What does the solutions mean for CSOs and CISOs?

AlertEnterprise founder and CEO Jasvir Gill says there’s no better time for CSO and CISO’s to invest in hyper-efficiency boosting AI platforms like Guardian. “Despite economic headwinds, the most forward-looking CSO and CISO’s are accelerating security digital transformation.”

“With Guardian’s deep forensics and AI data-driven insights, CSO and CISO’s can transform their access control from the stone age to the digital age—making every part of their SOC more automated, expeditious and cost effective, and ultimately the firm more secure. That’s why I view the AlertEnterprise Guardian platform as a deflationary fighting force for firms.”

To see a live demonstration of the Guardian AI Chatbot, visit AlertEnterprise at Stand C5 at ASIS Europe in Rotterdam, NL, and Booth #13115 at ISC West in Las Vegas, USA.