Aussie comedy legend Shane Jacobson’s online training program to get workplaces training again

Peter Grist, Managing Director of GRIST
Peter Grist, Managing Director of GRIST

According to Peter Grist, a well-respected and valued Australian expert in the training and development sector, Australia is facing a skills gap crisis as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic as well as the accelerated rate of change and transformation that is taking place globally.

What post-pandemic challenges is Australia facing?

“COVID 19 and the pandemic has impacted Australia’s economy and job market more than we realize. Not only did organizations cut back on training during the pandemic, but the world also experienced 10 years of technological change within a three-year period,” Grist said.

“The COVID 19 pandemic accelerated the rate of change across the globe and things have not slowed down since. It is estimated that 50 percent of workforces will need to be retrained every three to five years to keep up with the rapidly increasing rate of change everywhere.”

Grist believes that as a nation, Australia is facing serious issues moving forward. “Australia, like many countries globally, is going to be impacted by a coming era of lower skilled workers unless government and the private sector move quickly to address the issue,” Grist said.

“We know what this means. Lower productivity, less innovation, reduced job satisfaction, reduced customer service and stalled economic growth. Inadequate training and development are not immediately noticed until there is a great impact on business and the economy.”

“Training and development nurture and encourage enthusiasm, grow commitment and foster a culture of innovation, creativity and action amongst employees. People feel more energized and excited about work when they are learning and developing their skills and capabilities.”

“Training and development build confidence, and more confident people take bigger leaps. Make no mistake, bigger leaps are needed given the rate of technological change we are seeing across AI and blockchain adoption.” Peter Grist is the Managing Director of Australian corporate coaching and training business, GRIST, which works with many household brands.

“The other issue we are facing currently is screen fatigue. Not only are most people ‘over’ working via a screen, but the majority of online learning is also boring and click and complete focused according to staff. As a result, staff simply go through the motions of completing training online without any real benefit. We call this ‘click and flick’,” Peter Grist further added.

What solution has GRIST provided for these challenges?

“This is one of the reasons why we have launched the GIST program. This is an innovative online training program that coaches people on how to drive growth and how to achieve better business outcomes through engaging online learning modules that are supported by the power of humor. The GIST is a revolutionary training program that consists of bite sized modules delivered by some of the country’s leading comedy personalities including Shane Jacobson.”

“The GIST program teaches people how to be better business managers and leaders through actionable learning. While people are exhausted from the challenges of COVID 19 and the pandemic, they are also in need of training, but not just any kind of training, learning and development that can be undertaken online. Learning that’s fun, engaging, short and sharp.”

Shane Jacobson
Shane Jacobson

“We need to get people back into the rhythm of learning and enhancing their capabilities while at work. The GIST program does this using humor to keep people enthused and energized.”

Peter Grist states that many businesses around the world are grappling with how to re-introduce training to their organizations in a way that will get staff excited and eager to learn and can also be delivered effectively while many team members are still working from home.

“There is no doubt at all that online delivery and learning is now the preferred mode of training for most organization staff due to its convenience and cost effectiveness,” Peter Grist said.

“The GIST program will enable organizations to deliver meaningful and engaging learning while also overcoming the challenge of screen fatigue. The GIST program delivers training through short punchy bursts of learning and comedy which keeps its users engaged. This is the one of the best ways to get people engaged – and to also deliver learning content that is entertaining and humorous. The GIST program is infotainment at its most educational and productive best.”

What is GRIST’s market offering and value?

Grist is passionate about elevating human learning and is looking forward to helping Australian workers reactivate their learning journey. “At GRIST, we believe that conversations are the lifeblood of any organization as they are the foundation of all human interactions and relationships and the key for building trust, understanding and collaboration,” he added.

“Our mission is to help organizations make every conversation count. We believe that the fastest, most effective way to implement behavioral change in an organization is by making those required changes so small and simple, that they become easy to do,” Grist explained.

“We know that small changes, made frequently, tend to deliver big results. We call these little changes in behavior, ‘micro-behaviors’. We believe that leaders are the single biggest influence on people in the workplace as well as general their performance, which is why we are so committed to developing learning solutions to help people lead effectively and successfully.”

“Our new training and coaching platform, The GIST, enables organizations to make corporate learning more fun and enjoyable. Let’s face it, we’re never going back to only just doing face-to-face learning. COVID changed so much of how we operate. Hybrid and remote teams look like they’re here to stay, so if a part of learning has to be done online, let’s make it better.”

“For over 30 years, GRIST has been helping organizations turn their learning programs into tangible results. By embracing the power of micro-behaviors, GRIST aids the ‘progress principle’ and ignites intrinsic motivation in people. Our approach is unique and sets us apart from the competition who often rely on outdated methods like coaching to KPIs and numbers.”

“GRIST empowers leaders to translate their desired outcomes into achievable, small steps through their program. As people see the effects and the impact of these micro-changes, they consequently unlock their potential, tap into a growth mindset, and become more invested in their work. These small changes, applied consistently and aggregated across a large group, drive measurable results, outcomes and can truly transform teams and organizations.”


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