GreyOrange names co-founder Akash Gupta its Chief Executive Officer

Akash Gupta, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GreyOrange
Akash Gupta, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GreyOrange

Automated robotic fulfillment and inventory optimization software provider, GreyOrange, Inc., announced co-founder Akash Gupta as CEO. Gupta now leads GreyOrange’s senior executive team to advance the firm’s mission to be the world’s leading automation solutions platform.

What does Gupta bring to the new role?

Akash Gupta and co-founder Samay Kohli have worked closely together since GreyOrange’s inception over a decade ago, guiding the growth of a premium brand that serves the exacting needs of global customers, from Fortune 500 giants to fast-growing startups. Samay Kohli will continue to serve GreyOrange as a member of the company’s board of directors. 

“From launching our first robotics hardware in 2012 to becoming a global leader in software, robotics and omnichannel retail management, I could not be prouder of our team’s decade of pioneering accomplishments. Our expanding portfolio of AI driven solutions enables clients to solve their most critical challenges across their entire fulfillment network: from warehouses to retail stores and e-commerce,” said Akash Gupta, co-founder and CEO, GreyOrange.

Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Akash Gupta held executive roles at GreyOrange, including Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer. He also played a key role in developing gStore, GreyOrange’s innovative omnichannel retail management solution.

Together with Kohli, Gupta launched GreyMatter™, a fulfillment orchestration platform that assigns work to job-specific robots—from any vendor—based on near-real-time information, fulfilling the founders’ vision of an end-to-end orchestration and intelligence platform. 

What does the appointment mean for GreyOrange?

“Akash’s appointment as CEO comes as GreyOrange continues to be an innovator by offering cutting edge software and robotic solutions that increase overall efficiency, productivity and safety across multiple industries. Under Akash’s leadership the company is well positioned to advance its growth trajectory,” commented Binny Bansal, board member, GreyOrange.

“Akash brings extensive leadership expertise and commitment to strong client and employee relationships. As a strong technical founder, Akash is uniquely positioned to advance the company to innovative success in the ongoing global transition to warehouse and retail automation,” said Ajay Royan, founder of Mithril Capital and GreyOrange board member.