Pathmatics data discovers that The Great Resignation is not really here

In wake of a surge in the number of workers quitting jobs in the United States – dubbed the “The Great Resignation” – Australia has been warned of a spike in resignations here too.

However, new data from Pathmatics, the digital marketing intelligence platform, has revealed that it doesn’t appear this phenomenon has hit our shores just yet.

Analyzing Australia’s top job platforms, Pathmatics has revealed that brand ad spend has largely decreased with impressions from could-be employees also decreasing.


  • Ad spend decreased by 25% from the same time last month
  • Ad impressions also decreased by 25% from the same time last month
  • LinkedIn’s top creative was an ad promoting its latest blog post on ‘change-makers of the future’ – featuring Brenda Gaddi, founder of Women of Colour and Dr. Tim Sharp, founder and chief happiness officer at the Happiness Institute who are positively impacting the Aussie workforce
  • LinkedIn’s ad spend over the past year totals an estimated $3,500,000


  • Ad spend decreased by 85% from the same time last month
  • Impressions also decreased by 85%  from the same time last month
  • Indeed’s top creative was a job ad promoting Perl and Python Developer job vacancies
  • Indeeds’s ad spend over the past year totals an estimated $2,9000,000


  • Ad spend increased by 60% from the same time last month
  • However, Seek’s impressions only increased by 4%
  • Seek’s top creative was an ad offering advice to those that have left their jobs on bad terms and how to overcome it
  • Seek’s ad spend over the past year totals an estimated $2,700,000

One such example to bring this to life is Drive with Uber – Uber’s driver platform.

Pathmatics saw a large uptick in ad spend and impressions during October as NSW and VIC emerged out of lockdown but in the last two weeks, this has decreased dramatically.

  • Ad spend decreased by 74% from the same time last month
  • Likewise, impressions have decreased by 65%
  • Drive with Uber’s top creative is a video ad, part of its ‘Earning with Uber’ campaign, promoting the flexible lifestyle available if you drive with Uber

Eugene du Plessis, the Regional Director of Pathmatics expounded on this aspect.

“There’s talk about the Great Resignation in Australia and whilst we saw a spike in ad spend from job ad platforms post-lockdown, these seem to have dropped dramatically.”

“More could-be employees are actually looking at these ads based on our impression analysis.”

“This is just one example of the powerful data insights Pathmatics can provide for brands to track how campaigns are performing against the backdrop of our economy.”

“In the case for Drive for Uber, as we’re coming out of lockdowns in VIC and NSW, more people want to get out and about and require rideshares to do just that.”

“This goes hand in hand with needing more drivers. Peak lockdown, you couldn’t get an Uber in the Northern beaches for love nor money and when you did, it cost a small fortune.”

“Uber needs more drivers to cater to popular demand and it is an attractive side hustle.”

“It’ll be interesting to see how the Earning with Uber campaign performs into the new year.”