GovConnex raises $1 million to organise Australia’s government data

Cooper Darling-Blair, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at GovConnex

GovConnex, a political intelligence and relationship management platform announced the completion of a $1 million raise, led by new Australian venture capital firm Black Nova.

The new injection of funds facilitated by the funding raise will enable GovConnex to scale it’s platform in order to organise all of Australia’s federal and state government data. 

GovConnex’s growth attracts investor interest

The demand for a solution like GovConnex has continued to grow as access to government information and ability to easily  manage risk becomes a must have for unions, industry associations, nonprofits, government relations teams and public affairs teams. 

Matt Browne, the Managing Partner of Black Nova expressed optimism with their investment.

“The investment is exciting as the government relations space is yet to see a platform with the capability and value creation that GovConnex delivers to the industry out of the gates.”

“GovConnex is both disruptive and transformative to the government relations industry.”

“The team have built and scaled their business at a rapid pace off their own bootstraps and Black Nova is excited to be partnering with the team to support growth of the platform at home and abroad on what looks to be a very promising and successful journey.”

The GovConnex platform captures information from a variety of government sources such as press releases, official statements, social media sites and parliamentary records.

The platform then organises it in a way that is meaningful for GovConnex clients, making it an all-in-one platform for research, intelligence and relationship management.

The GovConnex platform also features workflow tools, for example a stakeholder list builder and a CRM platform to make it easy to log in and report engagement activity.

GovConnex appreciates growth in clientele

GovConnex’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cooper Darling-Blair also commented.

“Public affairs professionals are often bombarded with different sources of government information, which can take time and effort to collate before they can act on it.”

“There is a shift for public affairs from network and experience based decision making models to integrating the use of data and AI to navigate dynamic political environments.”

“The GovConnex platform offers a solution to empower government affairs teams to make better business decisions quickly with real-time information right at their fingertips.”

“Our ability to present disconnected data into meaningful insights gives our clients an edge.” 

Approvals from GovConnex clients

Neil Pharaoh, the Director of Corporate Affairs at Hireup, an online employment platform connecting Australians with disability to support workers weighed in on the task ahead. 

“The impact GovConnex has had on Hireup’s workflow is indispensable.”

“When it comes to the disability sector, we experience enormous value in being able to navigate this complex and dynamic political space much more efficiently with GovConnex.”

“Our team at Hireup is empowered to focus less of their valuable time on research and more time on engaging with the essential government stakeholders,” said Pharaoh.

Jonathon Flegg, is the Head of Public Policy & Government Partnerships at C|T Group and he expressed enthusiastic optimism experienced in deploying the GovConnex platform.

“The GovConnex platform has made our team more efficient and is a game-changer.”

“The tool gives our Corporate Advisory team the information we need, when we need it, so we can stay across some of our most consequential national conversations.” 

Darling Blair added, “Boards and senior execs are finding it harder than ever to understand how their government relations team is performing, and are looking for clarity.”

“Being able to understand changes in regulations, make more informed decisions and even connect with key stakeholders in a more sustainable and effective way is crucial in today’s fast-paced environment, which can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line.”

GovConnex isn’t stopping here with plans to expand globally on the table.

“This development is the first of many on GovConnex’s trajectory with our goal of being the leading source of government information pushing us to think of global expansion.” 

“We are already experiencing huge adoption in Australia and we want to double down on that and expand globally, starting with New Zealand and the UK later this year.”