GoTo announces partnership with SBAA to better SMB flexible work

Lindsay Brown, Vice President and General Manager of APAC at GoTo

GoTo, the all-in-one business communications and IT support and management platform, announced a partnership with Small Business Association of Australia (SBAA), as its official Flexible Work Technology Partner. While demand for a flexible work model is high, SMBs often struggle to find the right IT, communications, and support solutions for their business.

How is GoTo revolutionising remote work?

By incorporating the right solutions, SMBs can ensure they aren’t sacrificing quality when simplifying processes and increasing productivity. GoTo has over 1 billion people join meetings, classes, and webinars through its UCC products, like GoTo Connect, and half a billion connections on the firm’s remote access and support tools, including GoTo Resolve.

Commenting on the partnership with GoTo, Anne Nalder, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SBAA said: “We are delighted to partner with GoTo to provide state-of-the-art flexible work and communications solutions, supporting small business owners in Australia.”

“The pandemic started the hybrid work evolution, but the world is continuously evolving – from geo-political turmoil, rising inflation, the great resignation to climate crisis, forcing firms to adapt rapidly for business continuity. Work is not going to return to what it was, and SBAA will value the expertise from GoTo to navigate this challenging economic environment.”

Nalder adds that having the right technology solution is vital for the success of small business, resulting in more efficient time management and profits. “With rising costs and increasing pressures, business and tech challenges are continuing to pile up. SMBs are trying to do it all with limited resources, and they are doing their best to ensure communication and collaboration works flawlessly, otherwise they risk losing clients and employees,” she said.

Lindsay Brown, VP and GM, APAC of GoTo said: “GoTo is thrilled to be the Official Flexible Work Technology Partner of the SBAA. In recent years, small businesses in particular have struggled to support an evolving and flexible workforce, and the technology they select to maintain essential connections with their employees and customers is a critical decision.”

“At GoTo we make IT easy and that’s why we built a portfolio of tools specifically for growing businesses. With today’s workers expecting ease-of-use and employers wanting to maximise productivity, small businesses need simple, intuitive, affordable tools and technology that make it easier to manage the technology and get work done,” Lindsay further commented.

Why should firms streamline their hybrid work model?

Brown says that research conducted by Frost & Sullivan earlier this year, commissioned by GoTo, found the age of employee empowerment and the hybrid work model is here to stay. 

“Employees want to do work on their terms, and from where they work best, whether it’s on the couch, at a cafe, or even occasionally at the office. But you’ve got to do it right and it needs to be a mutually beneficial decision for the business and the individual employees.” 

“For hybrid working to work well, businesses must be set up with the right tools to meet flexible work demands. Leadership must continue to devote energy into standing up efficient and effective IT teams to enable the right tech and support for their business’ dispersed workforce to run successfully from anywhere. Without the right people and tools in place, businesses can’t enable, nor can they secure their firm to work productively from anywhere.”

The research found that 95% of businesses have consolidated or plan to consolidate the number of tools they have in their technology stack. Two years after quickly adopting tools that made remote work possible, businesses are now evaluating service duplications and ways in which they can consolidate and optimise for cost efficiencies within their tech stack.

Organisations are starting to see the value of IT tools that help to simplify the challenges that IT management teams face. Three-quarters of respondents said their IT workloads increased in the past year and more than nine-tenths wanted to reduce the burdens on their IT people.

Brown says these findings reveal that small businesses that are fortunate enough to have a dedicated IT team are seriously at risk of overworking their IT people while businesses with no IT people may fall behind more tech-capable competitors. “Business leaders need to focus on creating a truly sustainable, resilient, and future-proof work-from-anywhere strategy utilising tech that meets the needs of the business, the clients, employees and IT teams.”

“At GoTo, we combine business communication and IT support in a single application and admin system. This is software built to help growing businesses optimise their tech stack to create efficiencies plus delivering cost savings, all while providing the simplest, most secure and most flexible experience for IT professionals and their end-users,” Brown concluded.