GoTo casts IT helpdesk functionality to help SMBs consolidate operations

Paddy Srinivasan, Chief Executive Officer of GoTo

GoTo, the business communications and IT support platform, announced the IT helpdesk functionality within its GoTo Connect unified communications as a service (UCaaS) product.

End users can now submit a ticket from within the GoTo app – enabling a consolidated view designed to help accelerate resolution time for IT administrators. Bringing flagship GoTo Resolve functionality into GoTo Connect is one of the many ways the firm has unified its portfolio in 2022 and continues to lead as the only vendor unifying communications and IT support in one application designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

How is GoTo helping SMBs address tech-related issues?

In recent years, most businesses embraced hybrid work and cloud-based tech to stay connected to what’s most essential to them – their clients and employees. Many of those businesses, however, are now left with too many tools for end users to learn and IT admins to manage. For SMBs, this can be a bigger issue due to a lack of resources and budget.

At a time when the world is preparing for an economic downturn, a simple way to protect the bottom line is through tech consolidation. Recent survey data from GoTo and Frost & Sullivan found that 76% said that the workload of IT workers has increased due to the adoption of flexible work models, with 43% agreeing that IT jobs have become more difficult.

GoTo is making that consolidation even easier while reducing the burden on IT and increasing the productivity of end users by adding helpdesk ticketing functionality into GoTo Connect.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the product?

“When we launched GoTo Resolve earlier this year, we knew that it would quickly become complementary to our existing communication product, GoTo Connect. We see IT support and communications as necessary products to keep a business running and employees and clients engaged, yet no one else is bringing together this functionality in a single experience for SMBs,” commented Paddy Srinivasan, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of GoTo.

“Earlier this year we introduced a unified admin system and today we are excited to bring helpdesk ticketing into the GoTo Connect experience at no additional cost. Over time these two vital products will continue to come together so end users and IT teams can maximise their productivity in our all-in-one business communications and IT support platform.” 

Clients in Australia and worldwide are already able to enjoy the benefits of consolidating their tech stack with GoTo, specifically the cost and time savings. Todd Hawkins, IT Manager at BMW of Murray, Utah remarked, “Unifying everything into one solution has been amazing.”

“Texting, faxing, recording, and reporting from one central location is a huge upside. I was able to cancel six or seven different products once we made the switch to GoTo,” he said.

What is the product offering of GoTo?

IT admins and end users will benefit from unified communications and support with: 

  • All-In-One Unified Experience​: GoTo is the only provider to bring phones, meetings, messaging, and helpdesk ticketing together in one application.​
  • Drive End User Productivity​: Receive instant alerts, complete with end user details such as device and connection information, and more thanks to GoTo. This additional information upfront means less time spent on discovery questions.​
  • Troubleshoot Instantly, with Ease​: Running tests for common issues like poor network connection is faster than ever. Ticketing with GoTo means one click to rapid resolution.​
  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive​: Custom easy-to-use drag and drop user watchlists means GoTo helps IT teams stay ahead of problems before they occur.​

For additional details and the latest ways to connect and support your employees and customers from a single provider and unified system, please visit the GoTo website.