GoTo implements Miro to enhance online collaboration in hybrid working

GoTo, the IT management, support, and business communication provider with products GoTo Resolve, GoTo Connect, and Rescue, announced a new Miro integration. Miro, an online platform accelerating innovation through visual collaboration, is now available for meetings & training sessions in the GoTo app, making real-time collaboration simple for a virtual or hybrid workforce. Miro is available for GoTo Connect, GoTo Meeting, and GoTo Training customers.

What does the partnership mean for businesses?

53% of HR professionals surveyed expect that working from home will remain the same over the next two years, while 25% predict that the rate of working from home and remote working will increase, according to the AHRI Pulse AUG 2022 Headline Findings. This integration comes as businesses navigate demand for hybrid and remote operations.

The integration of Miro into GoTo’s application will power businesses to:

  • Collaborate on a Miro board from within the GoTo app: Miro is integrated directly into GoTo’s communications products, so users can access their boards without leaving their meetings or training session.
  • Perfect for any team, for any use case, from anywhere: GoTo users can now drive better engagement across all teams by unlocking more efficient brainstorming, diagramming, journey mapping, and more.
  • Top tools to support visual collaboration: Access sticky notes, mind maps, timeline builders, code blocks, charts, tables, and other creative tools to drive real-time collaboration with colleagues and customers.
  • Create a whiteboard without a Miro account: GoTo users who don’t have a Miro account can simply create a new blank board within GoTo, accessible for 24 hours. For those who want to save their whiteboard, sign-up for Miro is always free.

What does the partnership mean for GoTo and Miro?

Damon Covey, Head of Product at GoTo

“At GoTo, what matters is meeting the needs of our clients. As remote work remain a staple in our workforce, we need to ensure that effective collaboration can occur with the same ease as in the office, regardless of where employees choose to get work done. With our Miro integration, GoTo enables businesses to maintain a high level of productivity through visual whiteboard collaboration from anywhere,” says Damon Covey, Head of Product at GoTo.

“Miro is invested in creating new ways for teams to collaborate effectively in distributed, hybrid work environments. Our integration with GoTo creates another method of seamless collaboration and makes it easier for teams to truly connect, learn, and grow together – all in one place,” said Kev Chung, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Miro.

​Miro is now available for GoTo customers. For more information please visit the website.