Google partners boost cloud value for Australian enterprises, reveals ISG

Aussie enterprises adopting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are turning to a sophisticated ecosystem of service providers to get more value from their data, according to a research report published by Information Services Group (ISG), a tech research and advisory firm.

What were the findings of ISG’s research?

The 2022 ISG Provider Lens™ Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem report for Australia finds the country’s Google Cloud Platform ecosystem is approaching critical mass just five years after Google established its first Australian Google Cloud Platform data center in Sydney in 2017.

Google’s powerful analytics increasingly attractive

Third-party providers in Australia enable enterprises to take advantage of Google’s powerful data analytics and machine learning tools, making Google an increasingly attractive option.

“GCP has been successful competing with AWS and Microsoft Azure in Australia despite having less visibility. Partners have played a role in its growth,” said Michael Gale, partner, ISG.

Most enterprises are adopting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for its core strengths of data analytics, sustainability and alignment with cloud-native technologies, the report says. Many organizations that have migrated from on-premises IT to public or hybrid clouds still need sophisticated capabilities from providers to manage and extract value from their data.

Google has parlayed its experience in search and consumer technology into a wide range of advanced analytics tools for enterprises, such as BigQuery, its multi-cloud data warehouse.

Google ecosystem partners in Australia are building on these native capabilities by helping clients assess their data and draw roadmaps for making better use of it, often by integrating Google Cloud Platform (GCP) tools with external data sources, ISG says. Some providers are creating custom point solutions for enterprises, such as a visual inspection tool for a factory.

Sustainability has given Google the edge

Over the past year, sustainability has become a key criterion for many Australian companies choosing cloud operators and service providers, the report says. Google stands out in this area with its carbon-neutral data centers, making it the choice of more enterprises. Many enterprises are also attracted to GCP for its alignment with cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, dating back to Google’s central role in the creation of cloud-native computing.

The report also examines several other recent developments in the Google cloud ecosystem in Australia and worldwide, including the advent of Google-native clouds for specific industries, and persona-driven services and solutions for particular roles, such as chief marketing officer.

How did cloud service providers rank in the market?

The 2022 ISG Provider Lens™ Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem report for Australia evaluates the capabilities of 18 providers across four quadrants: Implementation and Integration Services, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Managed Services and SAP Workloads.

The ISG research report names Servian as a Leader in all four quadrants. It names Accenture, Deloitte and TCS as Leaders in three quadrants each. Infosys, Kasna and Wipro are named as Leaders in two quadrants each, and HCL is named as a Leader in one quadrant. In addition, Deloitte, HCL, Kyndryl, PwC and TCS are named as Rising Stars — companies with a rather “promising portfolio” and “high future potential” by ISG’s definition — in one quadrant each.

The 2022 ISG Provider Lens™ Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem report for Australia is available to subscribers or for one-time purchase on this webpage.