GoDaddy Studio creative design platform for entrepreneurs and SMBs

Tamara Oppen, Managing Director of GoDaddy Australia

GoDaddy Inc., the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, has announced the Australian launch of GoDaddy Studio, a new content creation tool designed for small and medium businesses to create beautiful visual content for their business for all platforms.

Compatible on both iOS and Android mobile apps and desktop, GoDaddy Studio includes customisable templates and easy-to-use tools, providing small business owners with a variety of options to develop beautiful visual assets to help their online presence stand out. 

GoDaddy Studio innovative and advanced features

A range of eye-catching visuals, including logos, adverts, and branded content can be created for promoting their business on digital channels across their website, email, online store, and on social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

GoDaddy Studio is built for use by non-designers and for when the use of professional designers isn’t possible, offering professional and beautiful results, even for beginners.

GoDaddy Studio is removing the friction and saving time in creating branded content.

GoDaddy Studio is helping to facilitate entrepreneurs to more easily realise their creative vision for their businesses and connect more effectively with their customers.

Key features include the ability to layer video over images to produce attention-grabbing posts and sophisticated photo editing capabilities to create stunning visuals and product shots.

GoDaddy Studio embraced by stakeholders

Ruth Frettingham, Co-founder of Tapestry Revival added, “The great thing about GoDaddy Studio is that if I want something more than simply a photograph on my social media, I can very easily create something from the templates or create my own custom design.”

“We started as hobbyists and amateurs, and GoDaddy has enabled us to take the leap and confidently compete in the market with a professional look that’s critical for success.”

The launch of GoDaddy Studio comes strategically at a time when social media continues to evolve as a key sales channel for businesses regardless of the organisation’s size.

According to GoDaddy research, two in three (64%) new businesses that started during the ongoing global pandemic reported using social media to market themselves.

Additionally, a further 48% of the surveyed said that they sell via social platforms. 

With GoDaddy Studio included in websites and marketing, small business owners can achieve a consistent look for their business across all their digital platforms

GoDaddy Studio targets Small and Medium businesses

Tamara Oppen, Managing Director of GoDaddy Australia said, “More than ever, it’s crucial for Aussie small businesses and entrepreneurs to have professional branded content that stands out across social media, email marketing, and on their website and online store channels. 

“With GoDaddy Studio we are empowering and supporting small business owners with the tools necessary for them to bring their business ideas and visuals to life successfully.”

“Whether they’re designing a logo, creating a social media campaign or making their website and email marketing leap, we’re equipping them with the skills of a seasoned design expert, with a suite of integrated tools making it easy to create and manage their business online.”

“The launch of GoDaddy Studio is an exciting step to empower everyday entrepreneurs with the tools they need to start, scale and grow their business, irrespective of budgets or expertise.”