Globhe appoints drone veteran Jonas Lindqvist as new Head of the Board

Jonas Lindqvist, Head of the Board at Globhe
Jonas Lindqvist, Head of the Board at Globhe

Globhe, the world-renown drone-based data insights company, recently announced the appointment of Jonas Lindqvist as the new Head of the Board. For GLOBHE, the appointment is key in supporting its ever-expanding footprint and market growth. Jonas Lindqvist started a drone-tech company in 2007, which has been used in various Hollywood productions.

What does Lindqvist bring to GLOBHE in the role?

He also co-founded the reality capture startup, Spotscale. Lindqvist was the CEO of games studio Fabrication Games, that he later sold to King, and has worked with various robotics and drone-related startups through his role as Business Coach at Sting in Stockholm.

Lindqvist will draw on his expertise in the sector to support the firm in executing its strategy. He sees potential in GLOBHEs ability to deliver insights from data anywhere in the world. GLOBHE serves a range of multinational organizations, and as the leading drone marketplace, it is increasingly becoming a premier insight supplier for these organizations worldwide.

What is GLOBHE a unique market player?

Commenting on his appointment, Lindqvist said, “I have always been curious about the positive impact airborne robotics can have on our planet and society. Since I first met Helena a few years ago, I have followed GLOBHE at a distance and have been impressed by what they have achieved over the years. There is a great underlying potential here.”

“It is definitely the go-to platform for anyone who wants local aerial data and gets the best possible tools for insights regarding the state of the planet. I have seen firsthand how Globhe enables the right kind of sustainable impact globally with smart technology,” said Lindqvist.