Globalization Partners joins forces with Fullstack Advisory in Australia

Globalization Partners joins forces with Fullstack Advisory in Australia
Charles Ferguson, General Manager, APAC, Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners, which simplifies global business by enabling companies to hire talent in 180+ countries without the complexity of setting up international branch offices or subsidiaries, has announced a partnership in Australia with business-building technology consultancy Fullstack Advisory.

The partnership provides start-up companies and entrepreneurs seeking to quickly and efficiently scale up their businesses with a solution to expand international operations and onboard new staff in compliance with local regulations in as little as twelve hours.

“Globalization Partners empowers companies to quickly find new markets  with reduced risk and expense, so this partnership with Fullstack Advisory makes perfect sense. Our organisations are closely aligned with a mutual focus on speed, compliance and reliability.

Between us, we can remove a large proportion of the roadblocks that typically hold back young companies from finding their true potential,” said Charles Ferguson, General Manager, APAC at Globalization Partners.

How does Fullstack come in?

Fullstack Advisory specialises in the technology industry, working with dynamic modern companies to reduce the burden of taxation and accounting, as well as offering financial modelling and government grants (including R&D Tax Incentive) services.

“Our premise is to help tech & innovative companies enjoy best practice financial outcomes starting with tax and accounting, along with better access to various funding as they innovate and expand their reach.

We also provide access to a network of useful partners, all pulling in the same direction to reduce complications and lead times for fast-growing companies.

We are passionate about accelerating and scaling businesses and the partnership with Globalization Partners empowers us to bring our expertise to a wider market,” said Stuart Reynolds, Founder and CEO, Fullstack Advisory.

Globalization Partners recently announced the launch of its APAC headquarters, and has big plans to bring its Employer of Record (EOR) solution to Asia to support companies who are looking to expand both within and outside the region.

According to figures from a global research paper: Most Businesses Proceeding with International Expansion Plans produced by Globalization Partners and CFO Research, the Asia-Pacific region is the world’s number one destination for expanding organisations.

To learn more about Globalization Partners’ solution please watch this 90-second demonstration.