Secure Code Warrior to inspire real-life cyber defence at championship

Pieter Danhieux, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior is set to bring leading organisations and developers together to compete in an international secure coding championship for its inaugural Devlympics 2021.

The championship is about common coding breaches and will inspire real-life cyber defence.

Organisations like Allianz, Atlassian, Contrast Security, Datacom and Sonatype will compete in gamified coding challenges to identify, locate and fix code errors against the clock.

Secure Code’s Devlympics 2021

The challenges are cyber-attacks and security breaches, with developers able to tailor the language framework to their skill set in web, mobile, cloud, API and front-end.

The event was streamed live on Twitch while running on Tournament Product.

The Devlympics event facilitated and encouraged the adoption of a developer led approach to make secure coding become intrinsic to workflow and company culture.

Pieter Danhieux, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Secure Code Warrior, said that the vision for Devlympics was to build an international developer community.

“We are challenging developers to level-up their secure coding skills to tackle common vulnerabilities head-on, with hands-on, contextual learning relevant to their daily work.”

“We are thrilled to have such a fantastic line-up of international organisations and speakers involved in what was a fantastic and important event,” Peter Danhieux said.

The championship was supported by an on-demand content program, including an ‘opening ceremony’ via video and DevSec talks with other partners from North America, the United Kingdom and Australia from Allianz, Contrast Security, Datacom, Sonatype, and Atlassian.

Stakeholder’s comments on the Devlympics 2021

Alice White, Security Training Manager at Atlassian, discussed how the organisation’s Culture and Training team is building secure code training and scaling a security champions program. 

“Atlassian is delighted to participate. Securing the ecosystem starts with secure code.”

“Baking in security from the beginning also helps ship quality code faster. We are championing this internally through curated and engaging secure development training.”

“Tournaments such as the Devlympics really inspire this developer-led security,” White said. 

Klaus-Erdmann Klinger, Security Architect at Allianz, presented a session discussing how the shift from hardware to software effectively means the fate of the world is in developers’ hands.

“Developers are the front line defence in the security-conscious world. It is in developers’ hands to ensure the digital world, this final frontier, is safe and secure  for everybody.”

“I wish everyone success and fun from the Secure Code Warrior Devlympics 2021,” Klinger said.

Erik Costlow, Director of Developer Relations at Contrast Security said, “The best developers I know like having fun while going about with their work or learning something new.”

“Since most of the developers haven’t been trained on security, the development community needs to find a good way to build this skill and make it stick, always.”

“We are happy to participate in addressing security in an easy, fun and worthwhile way.”

While coding their way to the top of the leaderboard, participants also learned secure coding tactics from senior developers and interact with industry experts.

The Devlympics 2021 was open to developers everywhere with two levels of competition.

One for seasoned developers who are confident in their secure coding skills (Ultimate Warrior) and one for those new to secure coding and students (Champions).

Participants competed to be crowned the ultimate warrior against security superstars globally and won exclusive swag and prizes with the Devlympics Training Ground open for practice.