Gintonica’s ginormous opportunity for gin lovers to get skin in the game

Gintonica, curator of Aussie craft gin is making gin lovers’ and investors’ dreams come true with a top shelf opportunity to own a slice of the company for just the cost of a bottle of gin.

Gintonica is embarking on an equity crowd-sourced funding campaign via Birchal to fund expansion plans and to promote Australian craft spirits both locally and globally.

Gintonica confident about growth prospects

Consumption of Australian craft gin is beginning to outstrip imports. From bottle shops, online retailers, cellar doors to bars, drinkers are leaning towards Aussie craft gin over imported gins.

The total national gin sales have risen 16% p/a between 2015-2019, while Endeavour Group craft gin sales have grown more than 50% in the last 12 months across retail and online sales.

This segment is now surpassing vodka which used to be the best selling white spirit.

The Melbourne-based e-commerce Gintonica business established in 2017, knows first-hand that Australia’s appetite for gin and craft spirits is only increasing.

Since the launch of Gin Advent Calendar five years ago, each edition outsells its forecast annually and has been their best selling product. It is reconceptualised each year to continue to drive consumer engagement and offer a unique experience year after year.

Gintonica is known for its 50ml ‘mini me’ bottles that have allowed consumers to sample over 250 Australian craft gins without having to invest up to $100 for a full size bottle.

The aim is to educate and introduce drinkers to the incredible flavours of Australian craft gin.

The product line includes 14 unique gin tasting packs, Gin-a-Month™ subscriptions, cocktail gift packs and other gin-related products as well as being stocked in Dan Murphy’s and Myer.

David Box, Gintonica’s founder and director found a way to promote and support craft gin distillers whilst making it easy for gin lovers to share the growing offerings from distilleries.

“It can be overwhelming for consumers. Walk into a major bottle shop and you could be confronted with over a hundred gins, more than half being Australian,” Box commented.

“We make it easy for gin lovers to try before they buy, or gift an Aussie craft gin pack.”

There is a huge trend of drinkers wanting to support local, Australian-made drinks across all drinks categories, but growth is most noticeable in gin.

There are over 125 Australian distilleries producing 800 craft gins. Forecasting predicts whisky and rum will gain popularity among craft drinkers in the coming years.

Australian craft spirits are booming, with gin consumption seeing a 64% growth over the past three years. They were boosted further by COVID, which accelerated Gintonica’s growth.

Aussie spirit curators and drinkers were holding zoom tastings and becoming at-home cocktail aficionados. With Aussie whisky sales on the rise the business will soon be launching its whisky brand, WhiskyRocks, expected to further boost sales.

Why is Gintonica using Birchal?

Crowd Source Funding (CSF) in Australia is enabling small and medium sized enterprises to scale up and take investors on the ride.

Birchal states that since the start of Australia’s CSF industry in 2018, over 80 Australian SMEs have collectively raised over $53 million by issuing securities online under the ecosystem.

Birchal also reports that there are now over 44,000 investors who have participated in CSF offers, and this number is growing even in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“The past five years has shown us that Australians want quality made local spirits.”

“Crowd funding will enable the business to expand into other craft spirits, employ more staff and lead the Australian craft spirits industry whilst engaging with our customers,” said Box.

“Raising equity is a Ginspirational way for gin lovers to jump on board our spirited adventure.”

Expressions of Interest and Investment Offer Campaign close on 23rd August via Birchal.