GIGABYTE to present 5G edge and green computing tech at MWC 2023

GIGABYTE, an innovator of computer hardware and server solutions, is exhibiting server lineups at MWC 2023 (Booth #5F60, Hall 5). This is the first time for GIGABYTE to co-present with its subsidiary, Giga Computing, which specializes in enterprise solutions.

Together, they will unveil the latest IT solutions for edge computinggreen computing, artificial intelligence, HPC data centers and enterprise cloud deployment, to demonstrate the panorama of “Power of Computing” and how it is reshaping the industry prospects.

What can be expected from GIGABYTE at MWC 2023?

Between February 27th and March 2nd in MWC, GIGABYTE will present the new server series aimed to deliver impact in HPC, AI development and cloud computing. With its long-standing expertise, GIGABYTE’s server solutions have been widely adopted to industries like academic institutions, aerospace centers, public cloud service, semiconductor companies and animation studios, to unlock the full potential of innovation breakthroughs.

GIGABYTE will unveil the latest series of edge computing servers. These edge servers can process data with exceptional transmission speed and computing performance using less energy. The short depth chassis design allows the servers to fit into limited spaces near data sources. They play vital roles in supporting large amount of IoT devices in real time.

With growing coverage of 5G network, smart manufacturing, automotive tech and smart cities are driving huge demand of edge data centers. GIGABYTE’s complete edge server solutions are aimed to empower enterprises to unlock the infinite 5G-related opportunities.

What is the market expertise of GIGABYTE?

The growing electricity demand from data centers has been a major challenge of reaching net zero targets. Electricity price hikes and extreme weathers make data center cooling solutions a critical demand in information technology strategy. GIGABYTE is presenting the immersion cooling solution and compatible servers in MWC. The solution has been adopted by an IC foundry to improve its HPC data center’s carbon emission and heat dissipation.

Its PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) was significantly lowered to under 1.08 and performance of HPC processors was boosted by over 10%, which established an admirable example of green data center. GIGABYTE has established high standards of green computing tech in overall server product lines. They were known for the premium heat dissipation designs and outstanding performance even under hefty computing workloads.

Various institutes like universities and telecom firms cooperated with GIGABYTE to build their green data centers and achieved greater innovation with smaller carbon footprint.

In this coming MWC, GIGABYTE is welcoming attendees to explore a smarter and more sustainable vision through “Power of Computing“. The highlights at the booth will be tech innovations of edge computing, green computing, artificial intelligence, HPC data centers and enterprise cloud and how they connect infinite possibilities for a better future.