GetMee tool created for diluting communication skills due to COVID

Balendran Thavarajah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GetMee,

The first AI application technology tool in the World created solely for our diminishing communication skills has collected the support of over 100 investors in the first week, according to Founder and CEO of GetMee, Balendran Thavarajah.

Mr Thavarajah said COVID-19 is one factor responsible for the decline of both our verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and now this innovative new AI tool, GetMee, has the ability to assess then objectively provide advice in real time to both team members and Managers.

GetMee targets improving communication skills

“GetMee is the first AI tool for improving communication skills in real time, both conversational and formal, as well as non-verbal communication nuances that may have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, like hand shaking and giving eye contact,” Mr Thavarajah said.

“Holding meetings over Zoom changes certain dynamics that would affect the flow of conversation we would normally have within an office. Distractions beyond the camera may throw participants off their usual communication techniques.”  

“Participants may avoid eye contact with others in the Zoom meeting because this is not as easily detectible, and may look at other open pages on their computer screen instead.”

“Distractions like this may result in a break-down of listening and paying attention, so less information from the meeting is retained,” he said.

Benefits of embracing the GetMee tool

He explained that GetMee will be able to detect hesitations in the negotiation or meeting and be able to provide assistance to the client on non-verbal and verbal ideas to keep the conversation flowing, even whilst in an artificial environment like over Zoom.

“In addition, soft skills during communication may change beyond recognition due to COVID. For example, a very simple show of greeting and respect used to be the handshake.”

“Now that touching someone is considered inconsiderate to their health, we very obviously need an alternative to replace it.  A nod or small bow? A wave or even a wink?”

“Some people may be demonstrative during conversations and meetings by touching them. How can these people continue to share warmth during their communication style?”

Whilst GetMee is also useful in an educational setting for individuals learning English, Mr Thavarajah said that investors have specifically recognised the immediate importance of an App being available to ensure our communication remains of quality.