GetMee languange app gets greatest Birchal investment conversion

Birchal has reported high conversion rates for AI technology for business managers to enhance their own team members individual verbal and non-verbal language skills through an app.

Birchal, an online business for individuals to invest in innovative businesses has reported high conversion rates for GetMee, upon the closure of its EOI investment period.

GetMee gets great Birchal investment conversion

“GetMee reported the incredible rate of almost 5% across its four-week EOI period, when most businesses sit at around 1-2%,” said Robin Holt the Chief Campaign Officer of Birchal.

“The GetMee business then went on to lock the minimum target in just 24 hours from 55 investors during the live investment stage.”

This rate is testament to the innovation of GetMee, an app that runs on AI features to objectively measure and enhance the social, emotional and communication skills.

Programs addressing communication skills would be delivered to entire teams, and regardless of everyone’s communication capability, the same material would be delivered.

Founder and CEO of the AI application, GetMee, Balendran Thavarajah saw this gap in the market and created a tool that is downloaded to an individual’s mobile device.

“Everyone communicates in an entirely unique way, so it never made sense to me how corporate communication programs were created for an entire team of people,” he said.

“This tool, however, measures each person individually, objectively assesses them and then provides ideas for improvement, at a fraction of the price of corporate training.”

GetMee app enjoying investor interest

GetMee secured $500k in seed funding to launch and completed the EOI period of the investment stage. With the live investment, investors have the chance to grow the company.

According to Mr Thavarajah, expert live human coaches support the AI application.

The platform also provides additional videos and other relevant educational content supplied in an online library which helps individuals grasp these advanced concepts.

“The app learns and evolves with the client to grow and improve communication.”

Mr Thavarajah says, “GetMee is effectively a private coach supporting the individual with private communication needs, rather than providing a program created for a group of people.”

“Expert human coaches support the AI application. There are also videos and other educational content supplied in an online library which helps individuals grasp advanced concepts.”

“The Crowdfunding campaign is to expand the new business, allowing users the opportunity to be part of the global story born in Melbourne.”