Get Mee, a personal development coaching company raises $500k to commercialise product

The beacon behind a progressive AI company called ‘Get Mee’ has secured $500K in seed funding to launch the World’s first communication and personal development coaching tool.

Founder and CEO of Get Mee, Balendran Thavarajah, said the Angel Investors have a deep understanding of the importance of communication in business and personal life.

What is the use of the Get Mee application?

The Get Mee application is an innovative tool powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that objectively measures and then enhances the social, emotional and communication skills of the individual.

According to Mr Thavarajah, Get Mee’s communication and personal development expert live human coaches support the AI application.

The videos and other content supplied in an online library helps individuals grasp advanced concepts. It learns and evolves with you, the client, so you keep growing and improving.

Mr Thavarajah says that Get Mee is effectively a private coach, and the customer’s data stays securely on the mobile device, rather than going to the cloud.

“With Get Mee, corporate teams will be able to enhance their communication clarity to increase productivity, increase English language proficiency, and social and emotional skills,” he said.

The product is launching in July and the company is also kicking off a Crowdfunding campaign at the same time to expand the business, with plenty of valuable information to help users understand the importance of the product, and being part of the global story.