Gary Kirsten Foundation teams up with CoachED to sponsor online courses for 300 up-and-coming township coaches

Gary Kirsten Foundation teams up with cricket coaching platform CoachED

The far-reaching implications of COVID-19 are still emerging, but it’s clear that, in addition to the health concerns, this pandemic will have a long-lasting financial impact– particularly on the most vulnerable members of society. But in the midst of this crisis, community-minded organisations are coming together and finding innovative platforms that offer life-altering solutions for individuals. 

CoachED, the newly-launched online cricket coaching accreditation programme, is one such example having proven itself as the perfect platform and product for positive community impact.

To ensure locally-based coaches benefit from this wealth of cricketing content, the Gary Kirsten Foundation (GKF) has announced it will invest in 300 CoachED licences for up-and-coming coaches across the country.

Developed by a team of internationally-experienced coaches, CoachED provides access to quality cricketing resources, placing newly-accredited coaches at the forefront of the modern game.

Madoda Mahlutshana, trustee of the GKF and a former school principal, described CoachED as an excellent platform for ‘the expansion of cricket across the length and breadth of South Africa’.

Commenting on the sponsorship of these 300 CoachED licences, Mahlutshana said: “This is an amazing opportunity that gives a sense of hope and extends a much-needed lifeline particularly during this time of anxiety and uncertainty amidst the coronavirus pandemic.” 

He explained that this was a really worthwhile opportunity to bring quality cricket development to township and rural communities that haven’t benefitted from such training in the past.

“We’re very excited about the use of this platform which creates virtual accessibility without any physical contact necessary. This is the sort of innovation in line with GKF objectives which upskills youngsters through cricket on a massive scale.

“This platform will reach cultures and communities in the far corners of the country through a highly cost-effective mechanism without compromising on quality. This truly is a game changer, not only for South African cricket, but South Africa’s most disadvantaged communities as well.”

The accessibility of structured, quality cricketing resources to all South African communities has underpinned the creation of CoachED. The partnership with GKF will see Gary Kirsten working alongside trusted advisors and coaches to identify 300 sponsorship recipients comprising a mixture of coaching capacities – from those who’ve just started in the system through to those with more experience but without any formal coaching accreditation. 

All the recipients would have displayed an interest in cricket coaching within the townships, having come from disadvantaged communities of South Africa. Empowered with the CoachED accreditation, the coaches are likely to find a solid income stream while also elevating the level of cricket and enhancing skills in their relevant communities.

Tim Human, Business Development Manager for the GKF, echoed Mahlutshana’s sentiments saying that the CoachED platform would offer the foundation’s coaches access to world-class coaching content. 

“The coaches are the lifeblood of the foundation as they are on the ground every day developing the next generation of township players,” said Human.

“The fact that CoachEd has made 300 licenses available to township and previously disadvantaged coaches will apply to both our work in Khayelitsha, as well as coaches in similar positions in townships across the country. The more skills and knowledge they have at their disposal, the better the chances of developing talent from the township to go onto bigger things in the cricketing world.

“Digital solutions like this are a great way to level the playing field and make sure that talented individuals from disadvantaged communities get the same opportunities as their more privileged counterparts in the traditional school and club systems,” he continued. “We are looking forward to this collaboration as another step towards creating cricket excellence in township areas and allowing this untapped talent every opportunity to flourish.”

Gary Kirsten, whose extensive coaching career includes that of two national sides and several T20 franchises, said the launch of the innovative CoachED platform is going to empower township coaches in a way that was never before thought possible.

“The sponsorship of these 300 coaching licences is just the starting point of the initiative which aims to give a wider range of coaches an opportunity to upskill their knowledge,” said Kirsten.

“Far too often, people are unable to benefit from such cricket skills’ development, for a variety of reasons. It’s great to have an online version that allows coaches to develop their abilities using cutting-edge techniques and the latest available information to keep ahead of the game.”

What options does the CoachED platform offer?

1. The comprehensive library provides users with up-to-date, engaging and interactive content on all of the 11 modules covered. This includes information and drills on batting, season management, player management, leadership and captaincy, among others. Users will receive digital knowledge badges for all modules completed that can be shared on social media, as well as access to other value-added services. 

2. The accreditation section is for coaches wanting specific accreditation through the CoachED platform. Testing is based on the extensive library content, with questions graded in increasing levels of difficulty. Upon successful completion, accredited coaches will be posted on the CoachED directory as qualification verification, as well as receiving members’ benefits – including access to the private CoachED resource group, discounts on additional content, practical workshops, e-commerce discounts and cricket coach recruitment opportunities.

3. The Elite Accreditation CoachED package is for coaches who wish to take their learning to the next level. This features live, interactive, web-based sessions with Gary Kirsten. Enrollees, under the direct mentorship of Gary Kirsten, will form part of an Elite CoachED Resource Group with more advanced questions requiring submissions of video practicals and written tests. The Elite Accreditation CoachED package will only be available to a limited number of coaches during the three-month enrollment period.

The licensing for the 300 coaches will include full access to the CoachED libraries and an opportunity to become accredited coaches. In addition to the online accessibility, the programme consists of structured, learner-driven courses which include cricket coaching skills, drills and tools tailored to individual requirements.

The content is up-to-date and adapted to all modern forms of the game. After successful completion of the CoachED test requirements, participants will not only receive their digital certificate, but also feature on the CoachED database. This will accredit them as qualified cricket coaches – a qualification that complements any existing cricket coach certifications, knowledge and experience.  

Whether you want to know it all or do it all, let CoachED take your cricket coaching to the next level. For more information visit