Gallagher Basset appoints Pete Diskin as its new Chief Client Officer

Pete Diskin, Chief Client Officer at Gallagher Bassett

Gallagher Bassett Australia has appointed Pete Diskin as Chief Client Officer to lead growth and retention strategies for its Australian business across all product lines and markets.

What is Diskin’s industry expertise at GB?

Diskin relocates from the UK, where he has been the Chief Client Officer since 2018, following 17 years with Gallagher Bassett (GB) in Australia in operational, sales and leadership roles.

“I look forward to re-joining the high performing Australian team as we expand our footprint and product offerings in new and existing markets. It is critical we continue to deliver and develop products that our clients see as valuable and outcome focused,” Diskin said.

What will Diskin do at GB Australia?

Diskin will translate the skills and knowledge from the UK and international markets back into to the Australian market drawing on his long-term experience in both regions.

“Be it through leveraging connections, assisting local carriers, MGA’s and Government together for a common purpose, or contributing to sector forums which will help support our client’s, market participants and new personnel coming into GB and the insurance market.”

“Reaching my 23rd year in both markets, we have seen outcomes for our clients both in soft and hard environments, along with the regulatory reform in personal injury and P&C lines.”

 “In terms of similarities, there are many, with both markets being inter-connected with significant lines of coverage for the Australian market either primary insured, co-insured or reinsured out of the London market via carrying distribution channels.”

“There is a natural cross over and both markets trade under similar governance and delivering outcomes for Gov’t, Aussie carriers and offshore markets is a key focus for GB.”

Of the differences, he explained the absence of Workers Compensation in the UK was a key difference, as were the geographical risk profiles around climate, land size, populations, insurance product penetration and general risk exposures impacting our client’s risk profiles.

Upon relocating back to Australia, Diskin will remain the Gallagher Bassett Executive Lead for the Lloyd’s of London market and be a regular visitor to the United Kingdom.