G-Star RAW creates connected global workplace with Avaya Cloud Office

G-Star RAW, one of the most renowned clothing brands in the world, announced that it has partnered with Avaya to enable seamless collaboration between staff across all its global locations, whereas also helping to reduce the burden on its small and nimble IT team.

How has G-Star RAW utilized Avaya’s solution?

Using Avaya Cloud Office® by RingCentral, G-Star has been able to equip its teams to easily handle the large number of calls they receive from clients, partners, investors, co-workers and other stakeholders – covering everything from payroll to return policies. The solution has also created cost-efficiencies over the legacy Avaya system that was previously in place.

The adoption of Avaya Cloud Office represents a key step in G-Star’s digital transformation plans. It enables employees to flexibly communicate anywhere, anytime, using any device to better serve customers, work more productively, and handle tasks from any device.

In addition, Avaya’s innovative solution has also eased the burden on G-Star’s IT team. Instead of spending large amounts of time administering disparate communications systems, the team can easily and centrally manage users and the way they consume the platform’s services. And because the solution is cloud-based, updates are delivered automatically.

What does the partnership mean for G-Star and Avaya?

Michiel Noordermeer, Managing Director – Benelux, Avaya
Michiel Noordermeer, Managing Director – Benelux, Avaya

Michiel Noordermeer, MD – Benelux, Avaya, said: “We’re delighted that we were able to offer the additional flexibility G-Star required with Avaya Cloud Office. On all the metrics that count – increase worker productivity, user satisfaction, and total cost of ownership – the solution has very much delivered for G-Star. And with Avaya Cloud Office in place, the company is better placed to continue doing what it does best – pushing the boundaries of denim design!”

“The quality of support we got – and still get – from Avaya is very well received. But the TCO for Avaya Cloud Office was less than what we were paying to run our legacy phone system. On top of that we retain the Avaya name,” commented Edwin Blaak, IT Manager, G-Star.

“You know the system is going to be reliable and high-performing, and our teams are familiar with Avaya. Everything has a similar look and feel, which means less interruption during the work day trying to train and teach employees how to use a new system,” Edwin Blaak said.

Commenting on Avaya’s solution, Marco Warmerdam, Telecom Manager, G-Star, said, “Previously we had to come in at midnight to manually perform upgrades. With Avaya Cloud Office everything is included, allowing us to focus on higher priority IT initiatives.”