Future Farm and Soul Burger name vegan burger after DJ TVNALILY

DJ Tigerlily

Just in time for World Vegan Day, Future Farm and plant-based burger chain Soul Burger enlisted the help of Aussie DJ and animal rights activist, Dara Lawson aka DJ Tigerlily to create a plant-based burger. The DJ TVNALILY burger is swimming into Soul Burger stores on 1 November in celebration of Future Farm becoming a leading supplier for Soul Burger.

What were the stakeholders’ thoughts on the initiative?

DJ Tigerlily said she is honoured to be the inspiration behind DJ TVNALILY, and that it was an opportunity she felt drawn to being a devoted vegan and animal rights activist. “I went vegan over six years ago for three reasons: my health, my love for animals and the environment. This burger blends some of my most important values, not to mention it tastes just like real tuna which is so cool. I’m so excited for everyone to try the DJ TVNALILY!” Ms Lawson said.

Marcos Leta, Future Farm Founder said this new burger may look wacky, but it’s filling feels and tastes just like real tuna, highlighting just what Future Tvna is capable of.

“Future Tvna is flaky, 100% vegan, non-GMO, and made with our signature triple-protein blend, making it a healthy and hearty vegan option. Delicious shouldn’t cost the planet but being plant-based also shouldn’t mean eating only salad everyday,” Mr Leta commented.

Amit Tewari, founder and owner of Soul Burger said he’s excited to add DJ TVNALILY to the burger chain’s menu. “Soul Burger is all about creating amazing vegan burgers. DJ TVNALILY is reminiscent of a classic mayo tuna-melt in burger form, made for anyone wanting to experience amazing plant-based tuna flavours with no fish involved!” Mr Tewari said.

Where can consumers find the burger?

To give consumers a fair chance to taste the tuna-flavoured goodness, the burger will be sold in stores and available via takeaway throughout November (World Vegan Month). The eye-catching aqua-coloured burger was sculpted based on its muse, DJ Tigerlily, who is known for her colourful wigs and outspoken animal rights activism. Crafted with Future Farm’s ‘Future Tvna’, which mimics the taste and texture of real tuna, it’s a burger that is 100% vegan. 

Putting their money where their mouth is, Future Farm and Soul Burger will donate a percentage of the profits made from the burger to Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris.

DJ Tigerlily has dropped another tuna. Head into a Soul Burger store in Glebe, Newtown, Randwick, or Parramatta to get your hands on the fish-tastic DJ TVNALILY burger throughout November to feel good about eating clean and cleaning up our oceans, all in one bite!