Future Farm launches Future Tvna in Coles Supermarkets Australia wide

Marcos Leta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Future Farm

Future Farm bring their very first fish substitute to Australian shores, now available in 487 select Coles stores nationwide. Future Tvna is the plant-based alternative made to look and taste like the real thing; a hopeful disruptor in the vegan category which is currently dominated by majority burgers, beef, and sausage substitutes. Future Tvna officially joins the remainder of the popular Future Farm range helping to better the lives of people and our planet.

How is the true texture of meat imitated?

Using revolutionary True Texture Technology, Future Tvna is sold in familiar flaky chunks to replicate real fish and meat fibres. 100% plant-based made with Future Farm’s signature blend – soy, bean, and chickpea protein. Future Tvna brings flavour to the forefront with the addition of olive oil, microalgae oil, and radish. Future Tvna (like its fellow Future Farm products) is gluten free, GMO free, hormone free, and no artificial preservatives added.

Aside from practising vegans and vegetarians, all flexitarians, climitarians and vegan-curious individuals will be pleased to know that Future Tvna is filled with protein (11.3g per serve) and provides a good source of omega-3. Meaning, those favourable fatty acids you were consuming via traditional fish meat can be found in plant-based ingredients too. A non-negotiable result for the Future Farm team in the ideation and recipe testing phase at the moment.

Tuna is one of the most consumed fish, and is now an endangered species, Future Farm took it in their stride to create a more sustainable solution. Helping to preserve the tremendous biodiversity beneath the surface of our oceans, and stop the predatory fishing practices, this is a needed chapter in Future Farm’s journey to challenge the modern meat industry.

What are the executives’ thoughts on the new product?

“It’s about time we were able to offer a delicious plant-based tuna to those who love fish. Future Tvna also innovates as the brand’s first ready-to-eat, non-frozen fish, and it’s so similar to the real thing that in some markets it is sold next to regular canned tuna,” says Marcos.

Marcos Leta, founder and Chief Executive Officer also added, “As a team we will keep working to upgrade our technology and products to the point where people won’t recognize what’s animal and what’s of plant origin, making the need for us to eat animal meat obsolete.”

“Future Farm set out to disrupt the meat industry and the idea of ‘making animal protein obsolete’ by creating products as close to animal protein as possible when it comes to taste, texture, and tenderness, that are truly delicious and not about compromise,” Lisa Asher said.

Lisa Asher, Future Farm Pacific General Manager, went ahead and added, “Future Tvna might just represent our most innovative product yet, not only for the product look and feel, but for what it fights for in sustainability, biodiversity, and dismantling any preconceived ideas that plant-based diets lack protein, essential nutrients, or delicious products. Consumers and suppliers are going to be delightfully surprised at how delicious and realistic Future Tvna is.”

Future Tvna is no exception to the protein rich products in their range that immaculately imitate the taste & texture of real meat, a standout quality amongst existing competitors.