Fritz Pasta launches in Toowoomba, offering gourmet artisan Italian dishes

Bernhard Kohlhuber, Founder of Fritz Pasta
Bernhard Kohlhuber, Founder of Fritz Pasta

Bernhard Kohlhuber is set to make history in Toowoomba opening his first retail food outlet offering gourmet artisan Fritz in-store dining and an extensive range of Fritz at-home foods. His brand is called Fritz Pasta and the new business is located in Eastville Shopping Centre, 11 Herries Street, at the top of the range in East Toowoomba. Fritz Artisan Pasta Bar is set to completely revolutionise how people enjoy Italian delicacies in this region of the country.

What does Fritz Pasta bring to Toowoomba?

“I am delighted to be opening our new Fritz Artisan Pasta Bar and store. I have been mastering my craft of cooking over many years and I look forward to sharing my passion with the people of Toowoomba at my new concept store which will combine the convenience of in-store dining and retail take home artisan food experiences,” Kohlhuber commented.

“My new store in Eastville Shopping Centre is a revolutionary concept and the first outlet in the country where artisan pasta meets fast food, reshaping perceptions of quick dining. We offer convenient, guilt free meals that nourish the body and mind. Our menu caters to pasta lovers prioritising health and ease. We are dedicated to bringing quality and wellbeing to your dining experience, redefining fast food as a fresh, delicious and nutritious choice,” he added.

“Our pasta bar will be open from Wednesday to Sunday, for lunch and dinner. We will serve our delectable range of pastas and sauces. We include alfresco seating inside and outside for up to 45 people. Our Fritz at-home products store will stock our wonderful range of fresh pasta and pasta sauces, frozen, ready to be taken home and stored or used straight away.”

“We will also stock a broad range of gourmet artisan products from across the region as well. We want to showcase and offer the best quality produce possible. Our focus for Fritz at-home products is to ensure our customers can cook a restaurant quality meal at home for under $10 per person in minutes. We provide the ingredients and all our customers have to do is take it home and heat it up and add a glass of wine,” Bernhard Kohlhuber further said.

“Our pasta sauces are made with the freshest ingredients and contain no preservatives. They are made fresh and then frozen to ensure we are able to provide our clients with the best quality Italian food experience possible. We will stock high quality cheeses imported from Italy like Parmigiano-Reggiano, a hard, dry cheese made from skimmed cows’ milk, and Pecorino Romano, a hard, salty Italian cheese made with sheep’s milk, just to mention a few.”

“Our range of products will include the finest and freshest produce so that our customers are able to experience the best quality foods in the world,” Bernhard Kohlhuber further added.

Why is Eastville the perfect starting point for Fritz Pasta?

Eastville Shopping Centre owner JMK Retail, General Manager, Vicki Leavy said Eastville Shopping Centre is now recognised as one of the leading destinations in the region for high quality shopping and casual dining experiences. “JMK Retail first introduced dining in the suburbs to Toowoomba residents in 1997, with Eastville Shopping Centre being our newest casual dining precinct offering a good cross section of cuisines and budgets,” Leavy said.

“It offers an array of tastes to satisfy every palate. Across our community based shopping centre dining precincts, we are seeing an increase in the number of people opting to dine out at our restaurants and cafes. Households are seeing the value and convenience of our dining precincts and visiting our range of restaurants and cafes because they are not only high quality, they are also more unique and affordable than traditional stand-alone dining venues.”

“Fritz Artisan Pasta Bar is offering the people of Toowoomba a great venue for high quality gourmet foods and other produce as well as a wonderful dining experience. Fritz at-home products provide a fresh, healthy alternative to supermarket commercially prepared meals.”

“Eastville Shopping Centre is easily accessible to all Toowoomba residents and visitors. Located at the top of the range, whether you are travelling to or from Toowoomba, Eastville Shopping Centre is the first and last food offering, so either way, you can’t travel past it.”

“The centre offers a wonderful range of retailers, food outlets and services, and offers an abundance of free parking – so it is the perfect location for the Fritz Artisan Pasta Bar.”