Freshworks launches new ChatGPT-based conversational enhancements

Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks
Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks

Freshworks Inc. recently announced new GPT-based conversational enhancements to Freshworks’ natively built AI-powered assistant called Freddy. Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT and underlying large language models, the latest generative AI capabilities of Freddy help a wide range of customer-facing professionals work faster, smarter, and also more effectively.

What are the benefits of the generative AI capabilities?

Customer service agents are able to respond quickly to customers and employees in the right tone, marketers are able to compose more compelling copy in a fraction of the usual time, and salespeople are able to craft powerful and more engaging emails that hook in a prospect.

Conversational AI will be embedded via Freddy across Freshworks’ entire customer and employee suite of products. Customer support agents will deliver faster issue resolution and will have higher-quality conversations with their customers. Marketers will receive smart customer segmentation and optimized email content to maximize campaign efficacy. Sellers will close more deals through recommendations on opportunities with the highest potential.

“We’ve made significant investments in our AI strategy over the last five years to enhance agent productivity and their customers’ experience. The newest Freddy updates using the latest GPT version’s large language models bring even more value to these customer experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction” said Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks.

“We are fundamentally transforming how Freshworks customers will interact with our variety of products through more engaging conversations and a lot fewer clicks,” he then further added.

What are the new functions of Freddy AI beta programs?

Today, Freshworks customers participating in the Freddy AI beta programs are now able to:

  • Summarize Conversations: Support agents using Freshchat™ can view an automatic summary of customer conversations to gain context, rather than reading through an entire conversation before responding.

  • Rephrase Responses: Support agents can replace casual language with more formal and clear responses.

  • Autocomplete Content: Support agents can save keystrokes and respond faster to customer inquiries, with predictive sentence completion.

  • Generate Articles: Support agents can save time by creating contextual knowledge-base articles and FAQs using generative AI and simple prompts.

  • Write Email Copy: Marketers using Freshmarketer™, Freshworks’ marketing automation suite, can write better email copy in less time to improve open rates and engagement. Sellers can create personalized emails tailored to individual prospects’ specific needs and pain points.


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