Freshworks and Meta partner to help businesses elevate customer support

Freshworks Inc., has announced that companies around the world have increased customer retention by using Freshworks’ conversational AI bots to automate communication with buyers through WhatsApp, Instagram Messaging, and Facebook Messenger.

Companies like MTN Cameroon in Africa, Body & Fit in Europe and The Giving Movement in Dubai have elevated their customer support efficiency on Meta’s messaging platforms using Freshworks’ Freshchat, Freshdesk and Freshsales products. With over two billion daily active WhatsApp users, nearly two billion daily active Facebook users, and more than two billion monthly active Instagram users, Meta provides the most popular messaging platforms.

What does this mean for Meta and Freshworks?

The Meta Business Messaging integrations with Freshworks’ CX and CRM products make customer engagement easy for support, sales, and marketing teams. With Freshworks AI-powered bots, businesses can automate messaging journeys for each channel, configure workflows across multiple channels, and efficiently train bots with NLP learning capabilities. 

“Messaging is how people and businesses want to communicate and get business done. Businesses of all sizes are embracing this shift and finding new opportunities to better engage with clients, offer support, and drive sales. We’re excited to work with Freshworks to make WhatsApp available for more businesses to better manage the end-to-end customer journey on our platform,” said Kyle Jenke, Business Messaging, Director of Partnerships at Meta.

Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks

‘‘Our partnership with Meta is a testament to the true value of Freshworks’ products. Freshchat and Freshmarketer seamlessly integrate with Meta’s main messaging platforms — WhatsApp, Instagram Messaging and Facebook Messenger — enabling businesses to communicate with their customers quickly and easily, resulting in a better customer experience,” said Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks.

How effective is Meta and Freshworks solutions?

According to Forrester, 68 percent of consumers say that if they can choose where to make a purchase, they are more likely to go with a business that offers convenient communication.

The Giving Movement

That is why companies like The Giving Movement deliver superior customer engagement through Freshworks’ WhatsApp and Instagram integrations. The UAE-based sustainable fashion brand focuses on proactive conversations in place of transactional messages, which is finding resonance with its customer community. Nick Fisher, COO of The Giving Movement said, “We are a purpose-driven brand and we believe in a customer-first approach.”

“Freshworks enabled us to communicate with our clients through the channel of their choice. With the omnichannel function, we were able to address client queries from multiple channels in a single view – thus helping us further our vision through our customer community.”

Body & Fit

Omnichannel customer service is made easier with Freshworks. Body & Fit, a fitness and nutrition retailer, added Instagram Direct Messaging into their customer service channel mix.

Gerben Tegenbosch, Global Head of Customer Service at Body & Fit

Gerben Tegenbosch, Global Head of Customer Service, explained, “We at Body & Fit work a lot with influencers. Therefore, our clients and we are very active on Instagram. Thanks to the Freshworks-Instagram integration, we can also provide them with the best service and support via Instagram Messaging – all through Freshworks’ integrated platform.”

MTN Cameroon

Another joint customer, MTN Cameroon, local operation of the largest telecommunications operator in Africa, uses Freshworks’ integration with Meta’s messaging channels to reach its goal of increasing digital communication with customers and multiplying means of contact. 

“Around 2 years ago, we only had 20% digital penetration for customer support, with a majority of our customers coming to our physical stores and contacting our call centre,” commented Imani Masuke, Specialist Digital & Innovation at MTN Cameroon.

“Today, the Freshchat integration with WhatsApp and other messaging channels allows an impressive 40% + of our clients to reach out to us through digital channels. We are confident that this number will grow in the near future as per our digitisation of channels strategy.”

The Freshworks Neo platform and its integrations with popular channels allow businesses to configure these channels as they expand without needing expensive custom development, complex deployments, or IT support. This reduces the friction of scaling communication across messaging apps and can make it easier to adapt to evolving customer needs.