Four Australian security consultancies combine forces to become Sekuro

Rob McAdam, the Chief Executive Officer of Sekuro

Four established and successful Australian cyber security consultancies Privasec, Solista, CXO Security and Naviro announced their integration, coming together as Sekuro

With a combined 30-plus years of operational experience serving Australian businesses, Sekuro is now an end-to-end cybersecurity solutions provider with a revenue of $68 million. 

Sekuro is set to disrupt the cyber security market

Sekuro scales multiple disciplines and delivers consultation, technology and platform implementation, team augmentation, managed services and compliance.

The Australian cybersecurity landscape is fast-moving and challenging for every company.

Threats are rising–and attacks are driven both by those wanting financial gain and through nation-state offensive activity. However, the exceptional companies re-invent themselves. 

By combining expertise from four mature companies with a track record of excellence, Sekuro is a flexible and experienced solution to help its clients meet cyber challenges.

And truthfully, every company looks out for a professional partner. The experience leveraged by these four security companies in market share makes it a no-brainer.

What do these changes mean for Sekuro?

Chief Executive Officers of the four merging businesses will all take active roles within the new team, led by Robert McAdam in the role of Chief Executive Officer of the new entity.

The combined entity will have 90 staff based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

With each company bringing an established roster of clients from the initial beginning, Privasec, Solista, CXO Security and Naviro will therefore become legacy brands.

Mr. McAdam, formerly CEO of CXO Security, said that the creation of Sekuro sets a new standard because they have co-created rather than undertaken a formal merger.

None of the original four vendors have received a cent from this integration; instead, we chose to give up our identities to co-create Sekuro in a quest for a strong security posture, knowing it’s exactly what Australian businesses need to be resilient

What benefits will Sekuro bring to the table?

“Because of the skill sets made available, Privasec, Solista, CXO Security and Naviro are complementary as they have naturally activated a process of assess > build > monitor > evolve > resource that we bring in a managed environment to ensure continuous compliance.”

“We architected the new Sekuro in a particular way, with each brand chosen for its quality, skillset, and temperament. The process reflects the integrated journey comprising one finance system, one window to the CRM, and one project management platform.”

“Just as Sekuro is a completely integrated company, with the four former brands becoming legacy from day one, so is the process of services we deliver for our partners – starting with the leadership, through to the sale, through to the project plan, through to finance.” 

Sekuro’s executives appreciate the task ahead

Noel Allnutt, former Chief Executive Officer of Solista and now Chief Sales and Strategy Officer of Sekuro highlighted the vast requirement for cyber security and cloud.

“Organizations take a fancy to trust the entire end-to-end systems and processes in order to remove cost, friction and risk from their digital transformation journey.” 

“These battle scars endured in this journey have facilitated companies to create a solid customer first culture, making Sekuro an ideal partner for their cyber security needs.”

“You need to have a level of scale, capability and resilience in your organization to deliver it to other businesses, like each of the brands that have come together to form Sekuro.”

“They have experience working at the coalface and thus their union makes them ideal.”

“Security has gone from something businesses have to do to something ingrained in our lives. Yet, whether you’re on the couch or in the boardroom, threats continue in real-time.”

“I’m committed to business enablement and helping new organizations innovate fiercely.”

“I know that the businesses that will grow in the future have their security and data front of mind now. And in this changing world, it does not get any better than Sekuro.”