Forsta and Rio SEO combine tech capabilities to further improve CX

Kyle Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer of Forsta

Forsta, the customer experience (CX) solutions, employee experience (EX) and market research, announced it is combining capabilities with Rio SEO, the local marketing platform for enterprise brands. The integrated technologies of Forsta and Rio SEO will power a seamless customer experience solution, enabling brands to engage consumers throughout the entire customer journey, from discovery to purchase through to brand reputation and retention.

What does the transaction mean for customers?

Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform is an award-winning local search marketing platform that extends the reach of global enterprise brands, driving tangible, measurable results and ensuring meaningful client interactions across the local search ecosystem.

Forsta HX platform clients will be able to extend their CX programs into the discovery and consideration phases earlier in the purchase funnel and through to the brand reputation. Rio SEO’s tech is to be integrated onto the Forsta HX platform. Solutions available include:

Rio SEO Local Reviews + Forsta HX Platform

Firms will be able to ingest Rio SEO’s review data from review sites into their existing Voice of Customer programs on Forsta’s HX Platform, with the added benefit of Forsta’s Genius (R) Text Analytics and action management to build actions in response to feedback in reviews.

Rio SEO Local Pages + Forsta Digital Feedback + Forsta SDK

Enterprise brands can now embed Forsta’s Digital Feedback solution into their local landing pages and locators, and use Forsta’s SDK to build feedback natively into their branded mobile apps, allowing for behavioral data capture and digital intercept prompts and surveys.

These desktop and mobile solutions provide valuable location and user interaction-specific data that can inform action management at both the brand and store levels.

Rio SEO Local Listings + Rio SEO Local Pages + Forsta Studio

This solution adds robust data ingestion from Rio SEO’s Local Listings and Local Pages like local landing page performance, impressions, clicks, local search ranking data, etc into the Forsta HX Platform. Forsta Studio’s online infographic dashboards breathe color into visual storytelling, allowing firms to create a holistic view of a client’s marketing and CX programs.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the transaction?

“I could not be more excited to announce that Forsta and Rio SEO are joining forces to usher in a new era of optimizing CX at the local level, at scale,” said Kyle Ferguson, CEO of Forsta.

“Rio SEO’s local marketing solutions drive discovery with clients and provide the opportunity to create hyper-relevant content, utilize geotargeting and more. This encourages enhanced customer engagement and increased brand advocacy, long after the point of purchase.”

“Forsta’s market research and customer experience solutions take you from data, to insight, to action by helping you understand your customer, see who they really are, and better respond to their needs,” said Mick Wilson, Vice President, Customer Success at Rio SEO.

“I could not think of a better combination for our customers: Rio’s local marketing solutions, amplified by Forsta’s award-winning CX and insights technology platform,” Wilson said.

For more about the Forsta + Rio SEO Local Experience (LX) solutions, visit the website. Rio SEO’s Local Marketing solutions, go to: Local ListingsLocal Pages, and Local Reviews.