Forkful awarded a grant to tackle the hospitality industry’s food waste issue

Natalie Sarau, Founder of Forkful

Forkful has just been awarded funding through the City of Casey’s Circular Economy Living Lab Grant, enabling the food waste platform to launch across the City of Casey’s 27 suburbs.

How is Forkful solving the food waste issue?

With 7.6 million tonnes of food going to waste in Australia each year, Forkful works directly with businesses including cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and food retailers, allowing them to offer surplus food – that would otherwise go to waste – at a discounted rate to the local consumers. With the launch slated for February 2023, consumers will be able to browse the Forkful website to see what’s on special in their local area and snap up an end of day bargain.

In the past year, over 2 million Australian households have suffered from food insecurity, and with the rising cost of living impacting consumers and business owners alike, innovative solutions like Forkful provide a win-win solution for all involved – including the environment.

Having launched at the start of 2022 with a trial in the City of Darebin, Forkful has already seen a positive impact the platform can have. Ahead of its 2023 launch, Forkful is looking to connect with hospitality businesses interested in reducing food waste while increasing sales.

What does the grant mean for Forkful?

Forkful founder, Natalie Sarau said, “As the largest and fastest growing municipality in Melbourne, we’re thrilled to launch in the City of Casey in 2023. We’re in the process of connecting with local businesses to get them on board to divert delicious surplus food from landfill and into the mouths of hungry local consumers. This grant and subsequent launch is an exciting step towards our goal of rolling out to Greater Melbourne in the next 12 months.”

“Times are tough right now, so if we can get extra dollars in the pockets of business owners, save food from landfill, and help consumers get cheaper meals, then it’s a win for all involved. Our trial run earlier this year was an incredible learning curve for us. We were able to see that the demand was there and it gave us an invaluable opportunity to further streamline and simplify the process for consumers and business owners,” Natalie Sarau further commented.

“75% of purchases were made by people that hadn’t been to the venue they purchased from before, so this is an exciting opportunity to connect local businesses with new consumers. We know staff shortages have only amplified the lack of time hospitality businesses have, so Forkful provides them with an easy solution to increase their revenue and reduce their waste, and as a positive by-product, create a more circular and sustainable business model.”

“Everyone has a part to play in creating a more circular economy and lessening our impact on the environment. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Forkful and we’re looking forward to connecting with hospitality venues and business owners across Australia to further our reach and increase our impact in the months to come,” Natalie Sarau concluded.