Forescout and First Health Advisory to help firms mitigate cyber risks

Tamer Baker, Vice President, global healthcare at Forescout

Forescout Technologies, the automated cybersecurity firm, announced a new healthcare cybersecurity partnership with First Health Advisory, a healthcare IT risk management firm.

What does the partnership mean for the industry?

The partnership creates an innovative approach to connected asset risk management by automating the technical data collection, mitigation and risk reduction measures for a healthcare organization’s entire network that encompasses IT, IoT, OT, and IoMT assets.

Healthcare firms’ networks are under constant attack and often do not have the necessary human capital to oversee the work necessary to thwart an attack through quick response. This challenge places added value on the need to obtain highly skilled outside expertise to operationalize a program and execute ongoing asset risk assessments across the network.

The audit experience will also see a major transformation through this new partnership. Organizations will have an ability to automate evidence collection and receive ongoing mitigation and vulnerability management support from First Health Advisory staff year-round.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

“Cybersecurity risk assessments for healthcare organizations are incredibly time consuming, static in nature, and mandated by regulatory requirements. Moreover, the steps to mitigate assessment findings and lower risk are difficult to complete with the current cyber skills shortage,” commented Tamer Baker, vice president, global healthcare, Forescout.

“This new approach that combines intuitive risk assessment and automated mitigation tech will allow healthcare firms to not only make risk assessments easier and faster to complete, but also free up internal resources to support other critical aspects of the patient experience.”

“Our partnership delivers the solution firms are looking for – the right balance of highly skilled, multi-disciplinary risk assessment personnel with deep understanding of the regulatory landscape together with a dependable cybersecurity platform to automate risk reduction actions,” said Will Long, CSO of Enterprise Security & Technology at First Health Advisory.

“We’re excited about this collaboration and together with Forescout, look forward to helping more healthcare organizations improve their security posture,” Will Long further commented.